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Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 2 and v1.3 Update now available



True to their word about the release of Assetto Corsa (AC) Dream Pack 2 and the version 1.3 update coming before [the end of] October 8th, Kunos Simulazioni (Kunos) have released both as of yesterday. The AC Dream Pack 2 contains in a first for PC racing simulations, a laser-scanned version of the Circuit of Catalunya in two layouts, and eight brand new cars with two of them in different versions making for ten in total. Similar to the first Dream Pack, the cars included have been selected from the results of polls where gamers have picked their favourite manufacturers and models via the Assetto Corsa website.


assettocorsa-dreampack2_Circuit-of-Catalunya_9 assettocorsa-dreampack2_Circuit-of-Catalunya_3

"A resolution of 2 cm guarantees that every single bump, curb and slope is a perfect match to the real counterpart. The resulting accuracy combined with the advanced physics model of Assetto Corsa offers an unprecedented driving experience blurring even more the difference between virtual racing and reality."

- Kunos Simulazioni

Due to its complexity, the laser-scanned Catalunya circuit took nine months to recreate and is "the most faithful version of the Spanish track available in any racing game to date" according to Kunos. The cars fall in the Production and Racing categories, with the normal of the selection consisting of those from BMW, Lamborghini and RUF and the Racing having a Ford - the first in the game - legend, an Audi, another Lamborghini and that racing prototype SCG003 from that mega-rich jammy sod James Glickenhaus.


assettocorsa-dreampack2_BMW-M4-Coupe_1 assettocorsa-dreampack2_LAMBORGHINI-Countach-5000-QuattroValvole_1


assettocorsa-dreampack2_lamborghini-huracan-gt3_1 assettocorsa-dreampack2_FORD-GT40-MKI_1


Dream Pack 2 Content:



  • Circuit of Catalunya – GP / MOTO GP version

Racing cars

  • AUDI R8 ULTRA 2014
  • Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003

Production cars

  • BMW M4 Coupé
  • BMW M4 Coupé Akrapovič Edition
  • LAMBORGHINI Countach 5000 QuattroValvole
  • RUF RT 12 R AWD
  • RUF RT 12 R RWD

The Dream Pack 2 is available on Steam for €7.99.


[gallery columns=5" ids="3011,3010,3008,3007,3006,3005,3004,3002,3001,3015,3016,3018,3019,3020,3021,3024,3025,3026,3027,3029,3030,3031,3032,3033,3034,3035,3036,3037,3038,3039]


As for the update, well it is a game changer, literally.


With improvement to the core game engine along with new features to the physics engine the game now supports native 64-bit. The physics engine has been reworked and is now multithreaded (though there is a report of Dual Core instability that will be fixed on Monday) proving for a better driving experience, "butter-smooth" Force Feedback and the apparent removal of signal noise and vibrations.


AC's physics code is extremely highly-regarded, constantly evolving with many improvements being implemented during its life. 1.3 takes this further again with advanced active aerodynamics, four-wheel drive simulation with active differentials, authentic driving assists, hybrid engine simulation and a scary attention to tyre-wear aspects such as blistering, graining and flat spotting.

With version 1.3 we now present you a completely reworked tyre model that includes new features in connection with tyre-speed sensitivity, combined grip, slip angles and ratios, load sensitivity, rolling resistance and most importantly, separated heating for surface and core temperatures. As a result, driving in Assetto Corsa is now more realistic than ever. The driving experience is more natural while at the same time also more challenging at the limit. Real-life features such as driving carefully in the first two laps to heat the tyres or taking it easy to cool down overheated tyres after a spin, the handling of the car changing from turn to turn depending on your driving style or as a result of driver errors and choosing the correct tyre compound depending on the track and car combination and also your driving style will now become part of your daily driving experience in Assetto Corsa.

- Assetto Corsa Facebook

And they haven't stopped at the tyres. Improved ABS system and depending on the car you're virtually sitting in, the game now supports different generations of these systems using 1 to 4 channels. Active differentials are enabled for RWD cars such as the brand new BMW M4 and the height sensitivity of front splitters and diffusers have been adjusted making their influence more complex from a setup point of view.


This update makes the cars "alive", their behaviour often changing  from one turn to the next in response to how you drive... or something.


Assetto Corsa v1.3 Changelog:


- 64bit build

- Car physics is now calculated in separate threads

- Fixed KERS disabled in pitlane

- Added soft locks (use [sOFT_LOCK] ENABLED=1 in system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini)

- Added support for DRS zones

- acServer is now stressing much less Go' GC and should offer more stable performances

- Added FORCE_TGT to force low res timer in assetto_corsa.ini

- acServer is now using Go 1.5, faster GC

- Added server welcome message

- Fixed gear ratio appearing with a double "/" in setup screen

- Fixed acServer unable to read ini values with a "=" character (ex AUTH)

- Fixed driver name displayer not obeying to saved settings in MP

- Fixed acServer not creating "results" folder automatically

- New algorithms to calculate skid volumes and pitch, now working globally in the entire simulation

- Added grain and blister readings in the setup info screen

- Added downshift protection to gearboxes

- Lap count is now reported using 16bit unsigned integer to server plugins

- Now using triple buffer when vsync is on to reduce latency

- Exposure settings are now persistent

- Fixed audio clicks on surface events

- Tyre flat spots are now taking into account tyre softness

- Windscreens now receive shadows

- ksEditor: now it uses the same ingame engine.

- ksEditor: added project menagement

- ksEditor: added user personalizations

- ksEditor: added floating windows and layout system

- ksEditor: added Weather and PPfilter loader

- ksEditor: added recent files/project management

- ksEditor: added node filter in scene panel

- ksEditor: added Material by Texture in Materials panel

- ksEditor: added scene icons and side function buttons

- ksEditor: added texture detail on Material panel

- ksEditor: added Texture Review windows in Utilities

- ksEditor: fixed reload texture function

- ksEditor: now the default CultureInfo is en-US (number format, ect)

- ksEditor: added FOV, Near Plane Slider, Mouse sensitivity, camera angle and position under Viewport

- ksEditor: added Dashboard tab

- acServerManager: removed some upper limits on parameters

- acServerManager: preset name/description is more clear

- acServerManager: added welcome message

- acServerManager: added qualify limit

- acServerManager: added fixed setup management

- acServerManager: fixed upload on ftp. Now cfg folder is not deleted.

- Fixed driver textures on serveral cars

- Fixed circuit outline on track selection UI

- Camera Dev App now save F1 cameras' exposure and pitch, F6 cameras' exposure, fov and position and angle

- Removed background from Performance Delta App

- Redesigned and faster code for logging

- Tyre model V5 updated for all cars, except 7 still on V4 (backwards compatible)

- Fixed EDL wrong calculation order

- Updated values for cars with EDL systems

- EDL now available on front axis of AWD cars

- Updated NISSAN GT-R NISMO with front EDL system

- GT3 and GT2 cars updated aero stalling for front splitter and diffuser

- GT3 slight performance balancing

- New ABS thresholds for all cars

- New Wheel Offset simulation in suspensions.ini

- New rear active differentials

- New brake steer system for McLaren MP4 12C and McLaren P1

- New tyre heating modelling with separated surface and core temperatures

- New cool factor for tyre cooling relative to air speed.

- Fixed TC digital item showing 0 based index when multiple TC level are available

- Now showing Cold and Hot pressure readings in setup status

- Added "NA" for IMO temps reading when no set has been swapped out

- Added support for track dynamic objects

- It is now possible to join a server using admin passoword and be automatically granted admin rights

- Joining a server with admin password will override the session "closed" status

- Added "ban_id" admin command to ban a user and send straight to blacklist

- Remote cars in multiplayer now generate skidmarks

- Added tyre skids volume onset value in launcher

- Cars still on V4, soon to be updated

Ferrari 312T

Lamborghini Miura SV

Lotus 49

Lotus 98T

Lotus EXOS 125 (and S1)

Shelby Cobra 427.


A v1.3.1 hotfix was released today too:


- Possible fix for DX 10.1 video cards crashing

- DLC2 - Improved lowpass filter for Audi R8 LMS Ultra exterior sound

- DLC2 - Fine tuned some coast crossfades for Lamborghini Huracan and Ford GT-40

- G27 leds now turn off when exiting the simulation

- Now includes correct Linux acServer

- Fixed Nissan GT-R NISMO front suspension to correct damage under full lock.

- Fixed Audi R8 LMS Ultra ABS level 7 value typo.

- Fixed GT40 rear camber setup value range mismatch.

- Fixed GT40 dampers setting numbering

- Fixed rear ride height evaluation only using left tyre pressure instead of both

- There was a problem with the shipment of the Ferrari 458 S3 trofeo tyres. We have now put them back in your pitbox setup choices.

- Fixed Tatuus F.Abarth rear wing CL and CD typos

- Added car model name to the "User Gain" Force Feedback message


Source: Assetto Corsa forum | Assetto Corsa Facebook

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Decent pack but the car selection in comparision to the pack name is a bit poor, only the Countach would really apply as a dream car to me, I know that's subjective but the other cars are simply too new or too 'left-field' to keep to the same standard as the Couchtach.

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I do agree with you, I mean having more than one of the same make reduces the standard of the pack for me personally. Perhaps in future they should look to only having a maximum of one make allowing for more variety.

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