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BeamNG.drive 0.5.3/Hotfixes


BeamNG.drive 0.5.3

Engine Thermal Simulation. Yes, that's right, engine thermal simulation. It sounds incredibly dull and to most people perhaps it is. But I think it's quite an interesting concept to be put into a game, especially one such as BeamNG.drive. Check out the video below which also showcases new particle based physics for smoke.


Here's an obligatory second paragraph about Camels lesson in thermodynamics because it's obligatory(I'll get told off if I don't :(). As the owner of a British made MG I am all too familiar with the little issue of a blown head gasket and now I can enjoy them in BeamNG too! Along with other engine damage including pretty catastrophic stuff.



The most notable updates and fixes are as follows

Engine Thermal Simulation. Oh, have I mentioned this one already?

Improved ground modelling for better collisions

Added an on-screen navigation map/satnav

More bugfixes and tweaks than you can shake a beam at

BeamNG 2


I could post the entire list of features, fixes and other awesome stuff here, but I don't think the resident Duck is long enough to accommodate them all. But do feel free to pop over to the BeamNG site here to have a browse at your leisure.


[gallery columns=4" link="file" ids="4580,4583,4582,4581" orderby="rand]

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