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F1 Race Stars Demo now available!


And it's go-go-good fun!

Formula 1? Check. Real F1 drivers? Check. [super] Mario Kart style flashbacks? ABSOLUTELY!! Yes people 'F1 Race Stars' from Codemasters is the F1 game nobody wanted but everyone will probably love as it's blend of Official F1 licenses coupled with insanely fun courses will make this quite possibly the new party game to play when you've had a few drinks or can't be bothered playing your 245th game of Wii Sports Bowling with your mates.


The demo takes place on the 'Germany' track and four playable F1 racers are available: Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and the ever animated Kimi Räikkönen*. You can either play it on your lonesome in single player or get a few mates round and have a 4-player #oldskool split-screen match.


Don't believe us? Well feel free to go and download the demo on your Xbox 360 now (Gold only for now) with PC and PS3 coming tomorrow (Thursday 8th November). Go on, have some fun for a change and laugh at the cartoon representations of your favourite F1 star.


*Rumours that Räikkönen smiles in this game are still to this point unfounded.


F1 Race Stars launches for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 16th November, 2012.


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