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Forza Motorsport 6: Apex - OUT NOW!


The years of wishing, dreaming, praying are over... it's here.

Earlier this year, the rumours were rampant of a PC version of Forza. These rumours finally came to fruition when a few months ago it was announced - Forza for PC. While it's not a full game, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex does promise to give us a glimpse of the future (hopefully), just a little taster of what Forza on PC is like. Apex is not without limits though; there are a small selection of cars and tracks, there is no wheel support, no career mode, but that's okay. Why? It's free.


Reviews are coming in fast, and as to be expected of a beta release, they're fairly mixed so far.






Of course, you've got to be realistic. This is not a full game. It's a tech demo, in beta form. In an ideal world this would not be the case. It would be polished and perfected for final release. However it's not, so we can't complain about lack of content, or even wheel support. Is it good looking? Is it enjoyable? Does it run okay? That's really all we can ask ourselves right now. And we'll be doing just that with a full review, coming soon.


Head over to the Windows Store to download now, be warned it's a hefty 18.8GB.

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