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GRID 2 Multiplayer Redefined Trailer


Maximum Multiplayer Mayhem

Codemasters have released a new trailer depicting the multiplayer aspect of GRID 2 and you have to say it is looking decidedly mental! All about everything to do with the multiplayer side of the game as you would imagine we get glimpses of normal races, drifting and RaceNet which is like a social networking platform for the game. With it you can search for friends, follow others, show your ranking and upload videos of your escapades in the game. Many locations that have been seen before are shown but with the visual splendour of this game it's no bad thing and that is one thing GRID 2 has going for it, it's graphics. Just like the first it's a very pretty looking game, and if you thoroughly enjoyed the original GRID and spent many hours on then no doubt the sequel will be right up your street, alley, circuit.. well you get the idea. :)


GRID 2 is out May 28th 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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