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Microsoft Boxes Its New Xbox...


... And Then Unboxes It Again!

Major Nelson has treated fans to a 3-month early unboxing video of the Xbox One - Day One Edition. I'll stop writing now since you've no doubt already clicked the Play button and stopped reading this.





All done? Great - so what did we just see here?

Another massive ugly power brick? Seriously?

In the flesh, the console doesn't look that terrible. Unimaginative - yes. In fact it looks like it took him a second to work out which side was the front.

A decent selection of ports are included (with a large enough space around the USB port for your bulky flash drives you've got)

Dual-band a/b/g/n WiFi built in. No support for the new super-fast 'ac' protocol though.

A slot-loading BluRay drive

New controller with 'Day One Edition' inscribed for you to show off to your friends, if friends still visit each others house these days.

iR blasting (have they revealed a new media center remote control yet or will the old ones be compatible?)

A 4K-supported HDMI cable. Useful.

A fancy power button (that's basically the same as the newest Xbox 360 refresh, and the original PS3, besides the fact that it lights up)

Kensington lock support, just in case the Xbox One suddenly becomes popular.

In other news, Microsoft will require a LIVE Gold subscription for key features such as sharing game recordings, making Skype video calls, and receiving TV Guide recommendations based on your viewing habits. Sony quickly responded by saying that it will not charge users to share gaming footage.


So what do you guys think? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Oh dear, more touch buttons. Having used them on the 360, just eww. Not very pleasant to use (especially when the disc drive dies and you have to open/close it 1000 times, hearing an awful beep each time) and even worse to clean. It's a massive ugly console with a massive ugly power brick, so why'd they bother putting on a Kensington lock? Nobody's going to want to steal that. The only thing I like about this is the slot-loading Blu-Ray drive, which the launch day PS3 had quite a few years ago. :lol:

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ASSume the 'exclusive digital content' mentioned in the vid will be a theme/avatar item.


Don't most power hungry devices have some kind of power brick? Only desktops have them internal… not sure why thats a big deal.


Ugly is not quite right though… this thing is horrendous

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I bet no one would be strong enough to pick it up though.


The damn things already going to dwarf my TV as it is… need to convince my wifenancial advisor that 32" is not big enough. ;)

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Ok guys back on topic. I only mentioned the iPhone because it actually met each of TimBud's criteria for an Apple console (popular gaming device, works great, is less powerful than a console, is more expensive than a console).

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