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Codemasters Welcome Evolution Studios To The Family


Code Masters Join Codemasters

Sony shuttering Evolution Studios (Evo) was seen as a move that didn't make much sense to many as the team produced one of the best looking racing games of this generation and brought it back from what looked like a near certain disaster. The Evo team however plodded on, having belief in their baby and in the end made it one of the most polished and supported racing titles available that went on to sell over 2 million copies!


A large number of the team appeared to have rejected Sony's offer to distribute them around their internal holdings and despite being out of jobs the core members of the team seemed upbeat and positive of what was going on, raising ours and plenty of other's eyebrows as to what was going on.


Well now we know! As Codemasters, those lovely crazy people behind so many of the racing games that many of us have grown up with (bring back ToCA!!) or play even today, knows a good thing when it is staring them right in the face, has snapped them up. That talented Evo lot are staying together and are now a part of the Codies family. They will be put to work on a new project that will be multi-platform and will see both studios sharing their craft with one another; that in itself is a totally tantalising prospect.

We have very exciting news today. We’re delighted to announce that on the 25
April, Codemasters will be expanding its portfolio of studios to include the highly-respected and very talented team from Evolution Studios.

Codemasters Blog

Codies are riding high right now with DiRT Rally and it will be so much fun to see how these two interact and evolve each other, as they are one of the more vocal and sharing developers with their communities. DRIVECLUB saw what is seen as one of the best post-content support and value for money programs ever. With so many devs always looking to milk their playerbase, it was quite something to see one that actually made players consider what they were providing as worth it. And as many of us know, that really doesn't happen often.


We wish the utmost best for the future of Evo and raise a glass to Codies for taking Evo under their giant chin. (dunno why we said that...)


Source: GI.biz

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