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Turn 10... 10 Turns Later


Studio Celebrates 10 Years of Forza Motorsport Development

Remember all those years ago back in 2005? You'd walk into a shop that sold electronic entertainment goods, and there it was: the new Xbox. And what was running on it? Your choice from a selection of game demo's. And which demo did you select? HALO 2.


Well, you might've if it wasn't for the Forza demo. How could you say no to that awesome blue WRX?


Dan and the Turn 10 team spend a few minutes taking us back through the years sharing what you may not have known (they previously worked as video game publishers), what you've already heard a hundred times (car lovers to gamers), and even a bit of the ridiculous (I mean really... professional race drivers learning the Nordschleife from Forza of all games?).


Anyway, enjoy the video and feel free to discuss below or in our forums!


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