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PSA: Online Racing and You - Learn to Race


Stay Safe Out There

Many an online race ends at turn 1 for most people. Anything from an overzealous racer trying to get their nose into the corner first from last place, to a small lapse in concentration that inadvertently catches others resulting in carnage. So knowing how to drive and race around other people is a big part of actually finishing a race, which as many a real-life racer will tell you... to finish first you first have to finish!


Knowing how to drive a car in games can seem rather easy considering how many games are out there that feature racing. Believe it or not, having AI opponents in games is a bonus in knowing how to race properly as they are usually dumb, meaning you have to be aware of what they are doing and might do when you attempt to pass, many online games on the other hand require a bit of knowledge on how to place a car on a track, where to brake and whether going wide or cutting in close is the best way to get the most out of a passing manoeuvre on a capable human opponent. Nowhere is this more important than in many racing simulators, where usually one mistake means an end for your and maybe others' race.


If you're having trouble with staying on a track, there are many guides out there to help with driving, consistency and eventually racecraft. None are better than what iRacing.com has online to help new drivers.



While mainly tailored to iRacing, it will be a useful guide to anyone who wants to have a competetive fun and a clean race online in any game.


Practice Makes Perfect. Have fun racing!

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