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turboduck Play: Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes


An Irishman and an Aussie walk into a room...

And attempt to diffuse a bomb.


We've been playing Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, a fun and interactive game for all the family (well the smart ones anyway) that thankfully isn't called Bomb Simulator 2015. KTANE, as we'll call it, is literally all about defusing a bomb. You need a minimum of 2 players, a bomb defuser who is in the room with the bomb, and an expert who is trying to help you by figuring out how to defuse each module from the manual without looking at your screen. Communication is key here, so you ideally want a headset to talk to each other. Check out our video below.



We spent about 2 hours playing this, it was challenging, fun and slightly stressful at times. Thankfully, I was the idiot trying to describe the screen and not the smartypants deciphering the manual. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes was released back in July 2015 by Steel Crate Games and is available on Steam for just £10.99. It get's our seal of approval.


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