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NASCAR '14 coming Feb 18th

Paladin Skylark

The Thunder Returns

February 18th is set to be a big day for fans of America's biggest spectator sport as NASCAR '14 The Game arrives on the Xbox 360, PS3 and for you PC users out there, Steam. Deep Silver and Eutechnyx are serving up yet another crack at the NASCAR gaming series, since EA Sports dropped the franchise rights in 2009. Eutechnyx has not had it easy trying to appease the NASCAR fan base, as the first two attempts in the gaming series served up many issues, including glitches and bugs long after launch; however the NASCAR fan base is a rock solid bunch, sticking with the games despite their issues as Eutechnyx worked hard to patch the issues. And so brings forth NASCAR '14, the aptly named third game in the series for the UK Developer.


NASCAR '14 brings forth a slew of new features that were disappointingly missing from the previous editions of the game, including but not limited to: Online Racing Leagues, Server Browsers, DNF's, enhanced AI driving styles and difficulty levels, new car physics and the ability to hire staff and acquire sponsors in Career mode. Eutechnyx states that DLC will come out on a monthly basis for the game, including updating the game's "NASCAR Highlights" feature, which allows you to take the wheel of a specific driver, recreating epic moments from the real NASCAR season.


Start your engines, NASCAR '14 arrives in 3 days on Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam for PC.

NASCAR '14 Tony Stewart Trailer

NASCAR '14 Screenshots

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