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NASCAR Gen 6 DLC Announced

Paladin Skylark

Eutechnyx Brings Regular Updates

NASCAR fans, myself included, watched the decline of NASCAR video games come to a screaming halt with NASCAR 09. EA Sports had gradually been neglecting the franchise and it showed greatly upon their finished products. The future looked extremely dim until Activision purchased the rights to the NASCAR franchise and came out with NASCAR: The Game 2011. Sure the new franchise isn't perfect, but Activision and Eutechnyx are making the effort to get there.




That effort manifests itself in the continual release of DLC and patches for their new game, NASCAR The Game: Inside Line.




Announced today, the brand new Generation 6 cars of NASCAR will be available to download on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network by the end of February; which is around the same time they will be debuting in their first real season of NASCAR Racing. They will be available for use in single player and online races, along with the Inside Line Highlight series of DLC which lets players recreate famous NASCAR races using real life, telemetric data. The cars can be purchased using the in-game Ticket Currency or you can have it as part of the Inside Line Highlights Pack previously mentioned.




As always you can find all the information you need on the official site here.


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