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Introducing: The Nintendo Switch


Introducing: The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo first started giving us snippets of information on what their vision of the future might be in March 2016 when they announced the code-name of their next gaming console, the Nintendo NX. On the 20th October 2016 they unveiled that this console will in fact be called the Nintendo switch.


Image credit: BBC Technology

The Switch attempts to be the jack of all trades, but will it master any? It is essentially a tablet computer/console with removable controllers that slot into each side. You can see more on the Switch in the trailer below:

I hope it isn't just me that gets a bit giddy and hyper when new games consoles are revealed, although come to think of it, that might just be down to the loud music and overly happy people in every gaming video.

The games showcased in the video are:

A new Skyrim game

A new Zelda Game

Some kind of Super Mario

Mario Kart



What are your thoughts on the new Nintendo Switch? Will this be a bigger success than the Wii U, which to for all intents and purposes was a complete flop? Would you be interested in getting one? Let us know in the comments section below or on the Forum!

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