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Animal Rights Associations on Mars' Speed Limits


Hold Your Horses!

We invite forum member patch to write a random article.  I know... I can't believe we would do that too.

We all love to swirl Martian dust at the Audi tailgating dangerously close, but those days are soon to reach an end.


Animal defenders have long been claiming speed limits for those living in Mars, due to the increase of accidents between cars and Space-Cows.


However, rebel parties have been calling this a hoax, claiming it’s a scheme the victimized side has come up with to revoke some rights after years of denial. MRC (Martian Rebel Community) leader Charlie Pots is now facing a 35 year jail sentence, also known as 1 year probation, for posting on his webpage a picture of a Space-Cow barbecue, which Animal rights defenders have taken personally.


Pro animal activists are happy about the 100km/h speed limit soon to be enforced on motorways, however they say they’re not disarming yet, as they are aiming at a 30km/h speed limit in the near future…They are now being investigated due to suspicions of wanting a low speed limit also to convince people on buying the Toyota Prius.


However, not all is bad news: Entrepreneurs are planning to build a LAN house in which you can have pizza delivered to you by roller-skating bikini dressed models, while you surf the web or enjoy a nice session of TDU2; so despite the speed limits crisis, we still have a reason to smile.


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