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SPiNTiReS Technical Demo Released


Spin Tires - But Only if You Want to Get Stuck in the Mud!

Oovee Game Studios have released a new trailer and playable technical demo of what they call "The Ultimate Off-Road Challenge" to garner community support in the form of a KickStarter campaign.


Intel award winners from 2009, Spin Tires aims to set you in the late 20th-century beginning in a large Soviet cargo truck with basic navigation aids (such as a map showing landmarks and compass) with delivery jobs to complete. Of course, in order to do this, you will need to plan an appropriate route, avoid getting stuck and running out of fuel.



A key feature being demonstrated is the ground deformation (which hasn't been of this much focus since Sega Rally was released back in 2007), which will ensure unpredictability and extended replayability. Now available is a technical demo that is without gameplay elements, but allows players to try out the new 'VeeEngine', developed from scratch and based on Havok vehicle physics (also used in V-Rally and Test Drive Unlimited).


Visit Oovee's website for more details and to download the technical demo. Be sure to share your feedback on the forums.


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