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TDU is Back!


Now That We've Got Your Attention...

We invite forum member Ozzmcom to to write about anything... as long as it's interesting:

TDU is Back! Well not really, but Ryzza has told me to keep it interesting. So do not get excited or start a testosterone fight please we can keep that to our contests lol (am I allowed to say that? The lol I mean).

Now I am obviously off to a great start to my article I should say I haven't done this sort of thing since TDU guide, it was called something like that I guess, I cannot check it because everything apart from turboduck is gone, even Atari. Isn't it amazing Diablo and the crew managed to keep this thing alive for years. Trust me they haven't over paid me to say that, they under paid, which is annoying but anyway. I mean even Atari has gone bankrupt.

TDU1 - BMW E34 M5


Anyway Ryzza has asked me to write an article, and the first thing came into my mind was TDU, ok that's a lie but it was maybe the 3
 thing. So let's get down to brass tax (what is with that saying?), I do not know why people are upset that the servers are shut closed.


We have the second game which is a blast. You can see the
I had created some while ago. Not sure why that did not catch on... the game I meant. But what happened to the idea? You would think someone would take it and make lots of profit on it.

We have Forza Horizon, though the idea is not really the same, it does look inferior compared to a 7 year old game, and you cannot mod Forza which is why Xbox > PC. That was not a misprint, it was a sarcastic remark, … anyone?... is this thing on?

7 years, and a roughly month ago it was the anniversary of the PC release and no one else in the world has used the idea yet since that time. Only if we had a chance to channel
to fund TDU3. Or Slightly Mad Studios could take on that. Wouldn't you pay more for an open world Project CARS?

There are rumours of Ivory Tower, the game itself is a rumour. I hope we will at least get the name of the game at E3, which is unlikely. You can see the pointless news about the game
. To spread more despair, It seems even the amazing modding community cannot get the servers back up anytime soon. You can follow Speeder's thread

So I will leave you guys with my last thought, there never will be a game like TDU, or if there will be I would probably be too old to play it. I think that was the most pointless thing I've done all week. Thanks Ryzza for giving me my time to shine 

TDU1 - Alfa Romeo

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Great Article. The whole "free-roam world" for cars concept has not yet encompassed what we experienced for years in TDU.


I was driving the Azure Coast course over and over in Pcars last night and I would love these guys to make a free roam driving game. They could do it. Race-tracks are great, but I love the freedom of being able to go where-ever I feel like going ... like in TDU ...or FlightsimX.


What I am yearning for is basically the same concept as a Flightsim only with cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs ... whatever moves on wheels and preferably really shiny with lot's of power.


I would pay for that.

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