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Rockstar Drop Massive Hint of Sequel to Red Dead Redemption Like It Was Nothing (UP: new image)


Rockstar Red Dead-Pan Teaser

Rockstar are the undisputed kings of the ‘drop it and leave’ tease with their titles, usually by the simple means of just a single image of the Rockstar logo itself in certain colours or style or with an update to their main website with the same imagery.


And on this Sunday which is meant to be a day of calm and relaxation, they go ahead and show off a single image of a dark and worn Rockstar ‘R’ on a very red background in a totally dead-pan way. Making us and the rest of the gaming internet crowd think this can only mean one thing: the sequel (perhaps prequel?) to Red Dead Redemption is coming!




UPDATE://1 - New image posted by Rockstar.




The original game was for a lot of people the game of the last generation (though PS3 did struggle a bit more in parts), bringing an unbelievable setting, well-thought out story and giving players plenty to do and see.


Often referred to as a Grand Theft Auto set in the Wild West, the gameplay mechanics did take inspiration from the GTA series but it also did a lot of things itself and introduced people to an absolute hate of Cougars they never knew they had.


Riding along that vast open world on your horse, coming across bandits, strangers and finding story paths that went where you never really expected was a joy to experience and as usual, the writing and voice acting was superb. Multiplayer was also complete chaos and provided some of the best gaming scenarios and moments you could ever hope to find. Yes there was your typical modes but the real cheesecake of the online aspect was grabbing yourself a posse and just going looking for trouble or hunting it down.


There was the Undead Nightmare expansion which was essentially another full game in its own right and brought a real good sense of running for your life and had you choosing when to use your guns wisely because ammo was fairly sparse.


It will be a huge task to follow on from RDR but if anyone can do the sequel thing right, it is Rockstar.


Had you been following news in regards to the company you may feel a bit worried that some key personnel (the Benz!) have vacated who seem integral to the success of some of their games but in reality it cannot be all down to one person can it?


And the PC folks can probably be optimistic that this one will be heading to their platform this time, unlike the former.



UPDATE://1 - Posted Oct 17th, 2016 @ 13:55 pm GMT

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