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The Crew 2 Has Been Officially Announced!


The Crew 2 Is Real

Our suspicions about a possible The Crew 2 being in the very near future were right, as it has been confirmed that a sequel to the gigantic open-world racer is on the way.


First noticed through a tweet posted by the gamesindustry.biz Senior Editor, which in itself brought about a small period of thinking and confusion as to whether it was to do with something for the current game or a new one entirely, we only had to wait a matter of minutes before the game's official twitter awoke to share a link to the official Ubisoft forums with an accompanying The Crew 2 logo (see main image), and the text “Beyond the road”.


Knowing that Ubisoft have confidence in the series and developer Ivory Tower to push ahead with a sequel, is great to see. And hopefully the next game will expand on what the original did, improve on the aspects that players have fed back to the team, and will blow us away yet again with a vast environment where total freedom is paramount.


This reveal about a new game in the series naturally has us raising some questions: Where will it be set? Will it have Porsche? What on earth does "beyond the road" mean? 


These answers and more will become clear at E3 no doubt, as this is where Ubisoft have become masters at revealing more about the games we know about... and then blowing us away with those we don't.


As long as we don't end up with a repeat of another '2' from before, good times should be ahead!


[via @TheCrewGame]

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