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The Crew Will Reward the Lot of You Who Were at its Start as it Turns 2!


The Crew Celebrates Turning 2!

The Crew is coming up for its second anniversary in December and those behind the game want to reward those who have been there since the beginning of that journey with a free Lamborghini and an exclusive sticker!


If you were playing the game back in December 2014 or joined the party in January 2015 then an in-game Lamborghini Huracán will be yours for free, along with a stylish 2-year anniversary sticker!

The Crew’s second anniversary is coming up in December this year! As we prepare to celebrate this important milestone, we can’t help but think about everything that has been accomplished since we first revealed the game, and how much we’re grateful for our incredible community.

- The Crew official site

The reward will be pushed out to all who are eligible with the launch of the ‘Calling All Units’ expansion on November 29th. All that’s needed to gain it for those who fall within the above criteria is, to log in once the expansion is live and the Lambo and sticker! will be unlocked on your account.




You do NOT need to own any of the expansions in order to be eligible.


The Crew ‘Calling All Units’ expansion is out November 29th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


[via The Crew]



Personally I just want to say it has been quite the experience following the early days of the mentions of Ivory Tower and what they could be working on.


I can still remember when Speeder shared that tiny first screen they found digging around the early Ivory Tower website, showing that it was a car game. Then a few months later I came across a couple of renders by an Ivory Tower muppet that again sparked off the imagination engines going off in people.


Mixing in some hear-say and reports about the possible name, finally we saw it, The Crew was revealed at E3 2013.


So I want to give a massive shout out and big thanks to: Julian Gerighty, Soufyane Brahimi, Anne Blondel-Jouin, “Fergus”, natchai, Ubisoft and the whole Ivory Tower team for all their support and general goodness they’ve shown to us here at turboduck. From sharing general information, answering questions or providing us with beta and game codes to giveaway. The respect we've been shown has been above what we deserve in all honesty and I cannot thank them enough for it, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what else and new is to come from The Crew crew. tongue.gif

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