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Chris Evans has finally quit Top Gear


Chris Evans Quits

Ever since it was even rumoured - from the darkest pits of hell - that Chris Evans may be one of those to front new Top Gear, myself and many others in the UK were scratching our heads at the appointment. (meanwhile many of those in the US wondered why a Hollywood actor wanted the part)


If you think that is a bit harsh then you need to realise that Evans is a definite Love or Hate kind of personality, as his stint on Top Gear has shown.


His voice is great for radio and when he was fronting The Big Breakfast, an early morning program that was literally all about waking you up from your slumber, hearing that loud siren-esque wail was perfect for getting you out of your bed and ready for the new day. As a typical presenter or narrator though, nope. His volume is just not suited properly for it.


And this has nothing to do with the apparent need to hate whoever took over the role that became common with a large number of people (especially internationally). In fact, I've always been about giving the new Top Gear a chance. However it was obvious that with Evans being there, this was going to be tough and despite knowing that the team and the show would need time to gel and figure its own way, Evans was always seen as the worst of it.


Whether it was in his failed efforts to replicate Clarkson's introduction style, the annoying attempts to invoke the crowd to cheer at "water splash!", the wooden interaction with an already wooden Matt LeBlanc or his poor way of delivering to the viewer what he was experiencing, you more endured him than watched him.


In light of the announcement Evans himself took to twitter:




So my advice would be: stick to radio Chris, you've got the voice for it.


Main image credit: TopGear.com

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