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Eden Studios returns, does this mean TDU3 or perhaps something else?


TDU3 or not TDU3? That is the question!

In business some strange things can happen that can basically result in a complete orbit of circumstances, companies close down and then re-open as something new but then the new shuts and we find ourselves back with the previous starting afresh, almost like a resurrection of sorts. This looks like it could be the case with the now defunct Eden Games who as we all know made the fantastic Test Drive Unlimited (TDU) and the why why why?!! sequel of Test Drive Unlimited 2.


Now though it looks like we have a new old new company in Eden Studios, if you follow the link you can see they are looking for staff to work on the "game development of a [sports] car game" and that a very familiar face shows itself in the domain registration details; none other than Eden Game co-founder and tduck owning Mr David Nadal! *applause*




So what does this mean? Does it mean a Test Drive Unlimited 3 is coming? Does it mean a game like TDU but not TDU is coming by those behind TDU and TDU 2? I don't know to be honest and sure enough a number of the main people behind TDU now work at Ivory Tower on The Crew which is due later this year and is excitedly said to be "the spiritual successor to Test Drive Unlimited". However rest assure that I will try and put a spy in their office - preferably in a cupboard with breathing holes - to get the lowdown on this new old studio and what plans they have in mind and what motions they are getting into. If the name doesn't ring a bell then all you need to know that is even before TDU came this wonderful studio brought us games such as V-Rally (and it's successors) and the incredibly good NFS: Porsche Unleashed, so they do know how to make a damn fine racing game when they put their minds to it.




Either way it's good to see them back and we hope that this time they don't go the route of of before and instead concentrate on getting the core driving down first before doing any of the other side parts as at the end of the day folks, a driving game should be enjoyable to just drive in right? Alternatively they may be jumping into mobile and tablet development or *shock horror* - a free-to-play game!! Whatever it is we'll be watching and listening.


Hey you! Yeah you, check out our forums and join in the discussion!?

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Here's a combination of our needs for the next TDU:


Use TDU 1 physics, All the cars/bikes then add new cars/bikes so the may have like 500+ vehicles. ADD ANIMAL & PEDESTRIANS to the islands, have the Ibiza island and the Hawaii , now add another new Island and There you go, the amazing TDU 3 that will break the record of GTA V selling rate for sure.


+Realistic Car damage

+More Realistic car details.


Also it's better to have LAN option,too.



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same here!

I enjoy TDU 1 physics, but mainly for play with xbox controller I go for TDU2 handling..


But, for short, both TDUs are amazing, if a possible next version comes with any TDU handling, I'll be happy :D

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