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WRC Powerslide Drifts onto XBLA & PSN


3 Right tightens into 4, use powerup!

Watching the trailer of this game reminded me of the PSX generation games such as Micro Machines and Rally Cross, in that it looks kind of fun, whether it will be as fun as those I mentioned is only going to be discovered by playing it but I have to admit I do like the idea and not so seriousness behind what it shown. And as long as the price isn't too high it could be worth a punt just to get a nostalgia trip of those older games that used to come out along with the big racers and shooters of the day *sigh*. Games are meant to be fun and not all of them have to be full-on simulations or accurately recreate the law of physics and it is good to see that there is still some of that 'having a laugh' and silliness around.


WRC Powerslide should be out in March 2013.




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Clever - it's looks essentially the same WRC3 game recently released with a high camera view, extra cars to collide into, and with power-ups added. Physics might be slightly more arcade as well.

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