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Sword Art Online Portable




The game is out for few days now, and I just started playing it (too much things going on and so little time)

For those of you who already watched the anime

It's kinda long if i have to write what happened, so basically

After they beat the final boss (game maker) at 75th floor, system error occured

most skills, items are lost and they stuck at 76th floor and decided to finish off 100 floors

according to one of the spoiler videos i have seen, the error caused the loss kirito and asuna's marriage data

so in the game you can aim for a different main female character

my subject is of course asuna hehe :33:

about the system, kind of obvious, unlike the anime, upon death your char goes back the the last save point

note that if you partner dies, it's also game over (happened to me once with asuna, not sure about other char, probably same for all main chars)

attacking and defensing is automated, I can see this serves two points

one the console (I have an old PSP 2k) won't be able to support full 3d battle

second to keep player from bored out (from clicking the attack button n times in every battle)

instead you get to use sword skills and battles skills, and communicating with your partner (e.g switching, healing, attacking from the back..)

although I only played it couple hours (bit slow too, because it is in Japanese, I read a little slow and once a while find a word that i don't understand, but i still glad that since i started taking jap classes now i'm able to play jap games with no problem)

anyways, already feeling a decent game, really looking forward to continue playing :20:


here is their official home page for the game: http://swordart-online-game.channel.or.jp/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=direct&utm_campaign=direct



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