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New phone, KTV, skating, food festival etc etc




(there is an issue with gallery image phrasing, please right click and open new tab to view the images for now)

Just bunch stuff in no particular order

newest iPhone 5 (funny thing is right after we ordered it, apple announced 5S :44:

IMG 0569

IMG 0571

And whatever happened, my whole family just switched from free phones to smart phones (my parents use samsung, me and my sister use iphone)

some of you were curious

so i took some screenshots from the KTV events :21:

IMG 0542

IMG 0543

IMG 0552

Ice skating in the park in the city, the contrast between nature and the city is beautiful :20:

IMG 0553

A squirrel is having a sun tan :38:

IMG 0554

An American anime shop

IMG 0563

Korean style dinner

IMG 0564

Did a temporary part-time in a Manga store

IMG 0533

IMG 0534

Japanese food (sakura blossom) festival

IMG 0006

IMG 0007

We waited more than half hour in line for yakisoba (fry noodles) and it was sold out :05:

so we bought okonomiyaki (vege-pancake) instead

By the way, that just reminds me of a moment from K-ON

there was once they went to the mountain lives, and Tsumugi was so looking forward to the yakisoba

but when they got off line it was sold out too :10:

just some recent purchases

IMG 0565

IMG 0012

love the gift clock came with the magazine :20:

IMG 0566

at last, here is a beautiful sun-set picture from today's festival

IMG 0010



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