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Madoka Magica the 3rd movie -rebellion-




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Went to the cinema last week with friends to watch this awesome movie

while the a lot of content of the movie has not much to say, it is those irregular type of storyline, where you can't really tell what happened at every detail
but I can tell you, the story itself gave me a big impact

the story is a continuation from the last two movies or the Anime series (since they are almost identical)
=============spoil part============================
the plot starts after Madoka changed the theory of the universe where soul gems will disappear in the end instead of turning every magical girls into witches, Homura calls this phenomenon "haname madoka"

Incubators, however, wanted to observe this phenomenon, homura who appeared to be the only one who knows about this, when her soul gem is about to disappear, they isolated it from all matters
ultimately, their final objective is to capture and have control over "haname madoka"

on the other hand, Homura created a completely clone of the city where she met Madoka within the seal
of course with her being existed in that city (since being able to see Madoka once again is her wish)
after found out Incubators' conspiracy, she forced herself to turn into a witch, wanted to forever be locked in that isolated space being a witch so that she could protect Madoka

her friends who have been lured into that seal, after knowing the truth, broke the enchantment so that "haname madoka" could reach her (those who have been captured by the isolated space including madoka's family and her teacher, and a new character "bebe")

here comes a turning point, when everyone thought this was going to be a happy end right there
Homura held the hands of Madoka who reached out to her, and again, like what Madoka did, changed the theory of the universe, but turning herself into "evil"
=============spoil part end=============================
These changes of mind scenes in plot really creates a big impact to the audiences

As for the music, I have noticed that they have arranged few old BGMs
and the songs are awesome, expecially the ending song (君の銀の庭 by kalafina)
as I listen to this song right now, all the scenes come back to me in my head (memories, whoa)

Here is the sad part, Homura's ending is so that Madoka will not be forever alone and will not be forgotten by everyone
and Madoka's ending was to end Homura's forever loop of trying to save Madoka
Both of them tried to save each other, but both endings, sadly, they can not be together

Conclusion: still a sad story


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