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Sora no OtoshiMono - The Angeloid of Clockwork



Originally from a manga

soraoto The Angeloid Of Clockwork

General ★★★★★

Story ★★★★☆

The first half of the movie is basically review of what happened in the Anime series from the new character Hiyori(風音)'s view to show how she fell in love with Tomoki (智樹)

A lot of ERO funny scenes like usual

And the ending is very heart touching, when Hiyori turned into an angeloid(angel robot) after a tragedy right before she was about to hear back from Tomoki from her love confession earlier

In the end she sacrificed herself to protect Tomoki

The scene I like the most is in the last few minutes of the film, Tomoki went back to the place where he and Hiyori first met. A ray of right shined behind him along with leathers, at last came the sound of bell Hiyori always wears, leaving the audiences a huge imagination space

BTW, I also like the name of Hiyori (sound of wind) which matches the sound of bells she always has on her hair

CG ★★★★★

The fighting scene is very well done

as well as the rest, graphic very detailed

Design ★★★★★

The design of the clockwork angeloid is awesome

Characters also dress up very nicely

Music ★★★★☆

Ending songs so-so


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