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Brookly Botanic Garden

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greenhouses inside, serving all kinds of plants from all over the world

IMG 1116 1600x1200

IMG 1119 1600x1200

purposely covered my eyes

yeah that's me (face blush

IMG 1121 1600x1200

IMG 1123 1600x1200

IMG 1126 1600x1200

doing that for no reason

IMG 1127 1600x1200

IMG 1128 1600x1200

IMG 1129 1600x1200

IMG 1131 1600x1200

IMG 1132 1600x1200

it is more like featured toward Japan

IMG 1135 1600x1200

IMG 1137 1600x1200

IMG 1140 1600x1200

IMG 1141 1600x1200

IMG 1145 1600x1200

IMG 1146 1600x1200

finally the sakura park, it wasn't fully blossoming yet

if you go there now should be fully blossoming

IMG 1149 1600x1200

IMG 1150 1600x1200

IMG 1151 1600x1200

IMG 1160 1600x1200

sleep under a sakura tree was one of my dream (accomplished! ^_^

IMG 1155

The Titanic pose (gay version) (hey don't look at me like that, i'm not gay!!

just doing it for fun, it actually was my friend's idea

IMG 1169 1600x1200

IMG 1175 1600x1200

IMG 1176 1600x1200

went to the Indian American museum in Manhattan (for no reason (because it is there (yeah

IMG 1182 1600x1200

IMG 1183 1600x1200

IMG 1184 1600x1200

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