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The recollection of my recent daily (´・ω・`)




This is a collection of around 3 weeks daily

no wait, i wasn't being lazy, i have been working my ass off since the vacation (cough)

so here we go


A Christmas event (karaoke) me and like 14 of my friends have been preparing for quite a while

unfortunately, i didn't get to go because the night before i had a sore throat, and the next day a cold that kept me in bed

TES, according to the pictures, they had a gift share, and this is what i wasn't able to give out


the direct translation of the text i wrote literary means to throw away your dignity

meaning to be open, like 'really OPEN' (´・ω・`)


and yes, little while before, the dog i took care of as for like a part-time job

I guess you don't wanna open this blog post and the first thing you see is my face so i moved the order for this one

anyways, i wasn't able to continue dog host because my dad was pissed about floor being scratched by their nails (´;ω;`)


too bad for the products i bought for taking care of dogs, cause i thought i was gonna able to continue it

the reason why i started this is i can able to continue programming for the site while earning some cash to keep the site running

and also, because i love dogs

however, in the end i gave these products for free to my first client


if you were to ask me "you want coffee or tea?" i would definitely say tea

me liking tea has been decades but only recently i purchased full equipment to be a 'real tea drinker' (イェー~)


from left to right: green, black and oolong tea


due to last time i didn't go, so i organized another karaoke

let's start off where we had lunch -> 回転寿司!rotating sushi (a very popular sushi serving method in Japan, but very hard to find it in America, even-though we do have tons of sushi restaurants)

so basically you can pick up whatever you want from the rotating platform, and the price will be counted by the number and color your disks

of course you can order things directly from the waiter like regular restaurants


day view of manhattan


just a demonstration of one of the pages from the karaoke book, you may be able to see the page number if you enlarge the image

they have two books (japanese) like this, total thousands of pages

unlike some modern ktv places that have digital touch machine where you can easily navigate and find songs with other useful settings

this place still uses the traditional (although not that old) way where you have to find song off the book and enter the number yourself

the reason why we came here is this is the only place we can find tons of Jap songs (as it's opened by Japanese people) _(:3 ⌒゙)_


night view of manhattan


supper -> カツ丼 (breaded pork on rice) (in-front of me is udon)


just a day ago, we went to play badminton

lunched at a north korean style hot pot place I usually go

--> (playing badminton) for 5 hours -->

ever since the winter break started, i have been staying home programming for our site

so the lack of doing sport resulted me next day muscle aches (although same thing has been said by the six that went with me)


lastly, dinnered at a BBQ place, plus one friend that bumped in later, 8 of us had to squeeze into one table

and we were battling for cooking spaces, but it was fun


almost forgot to mention, i wrote 2 free plugins(scripts) recently

not a bad download amount for couple days in one site since release (consider it took more than 1 day to be approved)

and i'm quite glad since some of them replied my support topic and thanked me for my work (´・ω・`)



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Yooooooo, not one friend bumped in, but our supposed main dish. What a pity we did not enjoy that "friend".



—translated by google

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This is our duty to keep the individuals in the world to remain their singularity. All people with so-called boyfriends or girlfriends belongs to riajuu. They are considered to be the threat for the humanity. Therefore, if you discover any kind of such people, contact us. We will try our best to erase them. They belong to level "Keter". 

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In addition, if you see any individual with extreme reaction to those riajuu, contact us, we are going to secure them since they belong to category "Safe". If you see any individual with ambiguous relationship with opposite gender, contact us, we are going to indoctrinate them with our idea, because they belong to category "Euclid".

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Tthat's so cool Eud!! dog lovers hi5! though there is a cat in my home ¬¬


I can't decide what I like the most, coffee or tea, shamefully I only do from tea bags because y I can't find that thing to do tea from,u know the raw tea stuff. My faves tea is black and red. I wish I could taste the white tea, i can't find it! and Darjeeling >-< that's.. very not likely...


You and your food! looks deli, but isn't like a LOT of food? /˚,˚\ xD


nice pics!

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