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TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series #5


Hello guys and girls, welcome to the fifth week of the TDU Platinum Weekly Community Challenge Series, here we have a new fifth race in which we will try out the Challenge Editor races made by the challenge organizers.

The winner of Race #5 will have a chance to get the first very cosmetic reward, which we will be unveiling after the challenges' week.

Participants of all races will still have the chance to get to choose their races for the next week's Community Challenge Series, to keep the up the challenges open for all, as well as bringing in new participants.


Here are the details of the challenges below:


Race #1
“Tackling the Giant Hairpins” Redux (No Class Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Expert)


Race #2
“Ferrari Time Attack” (Ferrari Cars Only Time Trial Race, Rank Champion)


Race #3
“Fatal At-track-tion” (D Class Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Pro)


Race #4
“Rival Sisters” (B and C Class Restriction Race, Rank Expert)


Race #5
“Eurachacha Waikiki!” (No Class Restriction Time Trial Race, Challenge Editor)




The races will start immediately after this post. The deadline for the races is on the 22nd of the month, at 12AM EST Time.

Time to start the engines and blast away from the starting line, may the fastest racers win the challenges!


- Ztryka (Discord: @Ztryka#6271)

Edited by Ztryka531
Added Notes below the Races Links

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