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TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series #6


Event details


Hello, Weekly Challengers of TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series, we have a new week (6th, to be precise) of races starting next week (from this post), with all new race format like we will go all in doing Challenge Editor Races, made by, yours truly, the Challenge Organizers!

Since this is our first week to introduce an all-out races using Challenge Editor, we will make the rules as less restrictive (no brake horsepower limit, no minimum weight requirement, etc.) as possible and provide more opportunities for racing strategies in handling the newest tracks not found on regular gameplay.

This will be the first week of the TDU Platinum Weekly Challenges to introduce Speed and Speed Trap Races! It is time to maximize your car's top speed before hitting the speed trap radar camera to achieve the community gold!

I post the next week's challenges as early as this day, due to the foreseen technical (electrical) difficulties on tomorrow's twelve (12) hour down time from this day's post.


The Theme of the Sixth (6th) Week of Weekly Community Challenge of TDU Platinum is the Four (4) Races Representing the Four (4) Areas of Hawaii!
(North Shore (Area 1), Leeward Coast (Area 2), Windward Coast (Area 3), and Honolulu & Waikiki (Area 4))

Note: The Image above is from Test Drive Unlimited 2.


Here are the Details of the Races:


Race #1
“ejs5000’s Speed Challenge” (B Car Class Speed Trap Race, Challenge Editor)
(Note: The Race is named as |_(-_-)_| in-game.)
By: @EJS5000 (Discord: @ejs5000#5175)


Race #2
“Alternate Route” (G, F and E Car Classes Speed Trap Race, Challenge Editor)
By: @Ztryka531
 (Discord: @Ztryka#6271)


Race #3
“Porsche Time Trial” (Porsche Cars Only Time Trial Race, Challenge Editor)
By: AndreiK (Discord: @AndreiK#3930)


Race #4
“Maunalani Loop” (B Car Class Time Trial Race, Challenge Editor)
By: @GeeTee (Discord: @GeeTee#0394)


Installation and Notes:


Other Challenge Notes:


All Race Events are from Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 4:00 AM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or 12:00 AM EST, Until Sunday, May 30, 2021 at 4:00 AM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or 12:00 AM EST.


Time to start your vehicle engines and bring out your drive, and drive to the golden blaze of glory! Good luck to every racers and let's make a healthy competition.
- Ztryka (Discord: @Ztryka#6271)


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PS: There will be a day of delay on posting the results of the last week's challenges.

(Also will be able to post the calendar event after the down time (before the starting date of the challenge week).)

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