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  3. Nice idea this, mate. I will second it. And I'm dreaming a special competition about them. Wth best regards.
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  5. Perhaps there will be a couple of locations around the world, and Hong Kong is one of them. Will say, jetset life
  6. The developers just didn't finish their job, so there are a couple of "lost" files / databse entries. These cars were planned once. Simple like that.
    i downloaded this patch, install it, lauch the game normally but the language is error. Italian, Espanol, etc seems fine but English is not working. Did i messed anything? Can someone help me
  7. So, here is my wild idea....pedestrian in tdu2....it came up during casino boarding and shop visit...we can see there pedestrians...means tdu2 has some pedestrians locked up in a package...wonder if we manage to able to release them on the cross walk of hawaii and ibiza.
  8. A brazen question is due, I guess (and my apologies, in case): would that be added to TDU World one of these days? @Ramon: mate, I have relaized how hard had been your work when I started installing this mod. "Top notch" indeeed, and hats off to you! With best compliments and regards.
  9. If you created an online (GameSpy) profile and completed the initial tutorial (rent a car, buy a house, buy a car, win a race, etc) then you should bump into other players as you drive around populated areas like the city (Waikiki). Open the map, and near the top-left of screen you can click to show other players. Click on a player on the map to be teleported near them if you have unlocked that road. Monitor the animated globe icon in your GPS as it indicates an attempt to establish a connection to other players. Your success may depend on how good your network router is and if portforwarding/UPnP is enabled.
  10. Dear Eudemon, thanks for your attention and please excuse me for my late reply. No, I never relaized that, nor anyone told me that actually. I will try to login this way too, hoping that all will go out fine. With best regards. Solved also this! Thanks a lot, dear Eudemon, and with best regards again.
  11. Last week
  12. Hey guys. new to the project paradise community, and was wondering how I would join sessions or see friends? Thanks.
  13. In my "quest" to better understand TDU and all that, I decided to play around in the vanilla version of the game instead of Milli's Platinum one. I've noticed that there's a couple of car entries that have NO models for them. Like, for exemple a 427 Cobra. Also some Audi and some Aston Martins. Among it all. Is this something normal, or did I somehow corrupt my database? I mean, I'm dumb, so I might have done something like this without knowing. Thanks for the answers.
  14. NORMALLY, when a file still is a .torrent, it's cuz your torrent didn't finish downloading it using your torrent client. Once your client will have d/l it completely, it'll become a .zip file.
  15. Guys, i have a problem, i downloaded the mod and i came out as a torrent file and not as a zip file, how do i change it. I tried do delete the .TORRENT after the .zip but i can't open the file after it. pls help me sorry for bad english
    replaces such a slow car. can i replace something else?
  16. The delivery missions have some INCREDIBLE cars!!! Thank you all for your hard work, this is good enough to be a AAA game honestly
  17. Have you ever drove them? Just because it says 418, doesn't mean it can reach such speed. But, that has been explained many many times, including in the FAQ section. To simulate the gearbox of each car realistically, the "Top Speed" value must be set as the theorical speed the final gear can handle, ignoring power, drag, etc. Cars that have an "overdrive" gear, will display way higher values in top speed, because their last gear is extremelly long, made to save fuel. When you race a Corvette, you don't shift to 6th, it is only there to save fuel.
  18. Game crash may not be related. I get that too in that area. Do you by any chance have Hawaiian Bliss installed? It seems like I've made a mistake and there's something loading in that area that makes the game crash, unfortunately.
  19. Well, i don't seem to have a GameSpy account nor can i make one now.What do then?Cracked game, with key, says can't connect and i see no other players. Update: So you need to type whatever in the gamespy fields to be able to get connected apparently.Kinda works.Crashed from central Aston Martin shop
  20. Hello. There is something that has always bothered me about TDU2. After buying a car there is no possibility to change the color to another factory color. You always have to buy the car again to choose another color. Or you can custom paint the car but it's not the same. I wonder if this feature was forgotten at the time or if they deliberately didn't include it. Is that somehow possible that you can include this feature somewhere? The same applies to the interior. Here you can also select the color only once when buying and then no longer.
  21. What's with pretty much all the (stock) Corvettes maxing out at around 400km/h.. The stock Grand Sport had a top speed of like 418km/h or something ridiculous like that.. Most other cars I've found so far seem pretty realistic, but the Corvettes are just nuts.
  22. Well I'm not quite sure what happened but it appears to be working now, I uninstalled the patch double checked every thing then reinstalled it and now it works only thing I can think of that was causing a problem was the virus protection which updated this morning but it never threw any sort of warning when installed before so I don't know.
  23. You don't have to install TDU World. The whole UP mod is packed into 2 files - TDU2UPv041.big and TDU2UPv041.map. Those two files have to be present in the game directory. If these are not there - that's the case, the installer failed to install the patch there but I don't know why.
    Game does not work for me i keep getting this error with or without the launcher. Running Windows 10.
  24. okay so after messing with it for like half a day and a fresh install, I for some reason still can't get the new patch to work it still boots with the normal title screen I've tried launching it with both the original TDU2 launcher in the directory and with the universal launcher with no luck but the DLC2 stuff works fine, is there a third option I'm missing or do I need to install the TDU world or am I missing something thanks in advance edit its the steam version too
  25. Hello, first of all, I have a launcher, but when I press the play button, the game does not open, can you help?
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