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  2. Too bad, if it can it will look perfect I think.
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  4. Hi! Thank you guy for this amazing work. Used to play TDU a long time ago and it's a pleasure to enjoy again cruising in Hawaii! I just have one question: did you remap and config all races? I don't recall the races like that or is it me !? And UI level seems harder too. Is there any chance to put again the original races back and original UI to try it out again? Kids would appreciate it Thanks! Keep it up!
  5. Nothing can be done, as i don't unlock the .3dg files. And no, the car is not using original TDU rims. It's a mod. Miha's SLR, body and rim.
  6. Here is current state of cameras bin structure, see attachment. Interesting part below: { "name": "binoculars", "type": "INTEGER", "size": 2 }, Currently, binoculars information is read after 2 bytes data. It seems that only 1 byte is sufficient. That would explain why setting is cyclic. To validate this assumption, may someone test these values? - 16640 => should be maximum FOV (min zoom) - 16768 => should be medium FOV - 16895 => should be narrowest FOV (max zoom). Thanks. BIN-cameras-map.json
  7. I don't know if that's the right topic to address this, but here it is: As you can see in the picture bellow there's something wrong with the doors shaders (I think) from the SLR McLaren model. It seems like the door shader is set backwards or something since the light effect does not follow the rest of the car's body. That's been bothering me for quite awhile now. Just to note as a bug if it's not already a known issue... The rest of the model is very good, actually. I'm just hoping if it will be possible to replace the original SLR wheels (the famous fan-shaped) in a future update: The one that the mod is using is from the original TDU and it is not very good. Thanks for everyone involved in the project that made it possible! Fantastic work!
  8. This could be related to running the game at a too high framerate. Enable vsync in Project Paradise or your GPU settings.
  9. Help, my car keeps crashing on "invisible" objects I´m just driving around and something stops my car and the wanted level increases
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  11. the tuned 2005 mustang the sallen coupe and the mustang gtr have gear issues when played on automatic, when the 2nd gear is engaged it automatically downshift to 1st and keep going up and down for a indefinitive amount of time!
  12. And i can't teach you how to mod the game here in the thread aswell.
  13. Since the site was re-worked like last year or so, all the links in the first thread you link to lead to "page doesn't exist" page. Second one is working since it's newer, I think I may be able to find what I want, at least for the wheels. Tho, since TDUPE doesn't seems to work correctly anymore in editing the database, I used TDUF, but with TDUF, I don't understand how you can create and add a performance pack, so that you can "upgrade" the car using TDUF.
  14. It's how people been doing since first mods. Replacing files. How to replace files: How to add new rims: So far, those are the "tutorials". And yeah, it's not much, and you still have to figure things out by yourself.
  15. Another wallpaper of for you. This time it is 4K!
  16. my game crashes after 5 min game with no mod works but when i start tdu platinum it crashes help please
  17. So, I tryed using TDUF to change the FOV in TDU. This is an abit that I developed in the sim racing community, trying to use a realistic FOV for better immersion and driving. Starting from this guide (https://github.com/djey47/tdu-cp/wiki/TDUF-Database-Editor-Cameras), I was able to determine that "binoculars" is the actual value that controls the FOV. Using just small changes to te last two digits, I was able to alter the ingame FOV. Here are some results obtained with the "Ferrari LaFerrari" from TDU Platinum MOD. @Djey also added some interesting details in another thread: So, if anyone is interested in changing the FOV for TDU, I could use some help in actually relating those values to the actual FOV degrees values.
  18. Good, In the next hours I will open a new thread about cameras. But, to correct you, all numbers are relevant. I obtained good results (similar to 16675) using 10000. It means that every numbers or so, the FOV cicles.
  19. Interesting! Imo that's why when reverse-engineering, I had to guess in Cameras.bin how many bits are used for this or that (and whether they're signed or not...); since most of cameras settings are 16bit encoded, I assumed that would be the same for Binoculars (0..65535, or -32768..32767). According tou your findings, it seems that only last 8bits are relevant. e.g (16b decimal) => binary 16697 0100 0001 0011 1001 DEFAULT 16675 ‭0100 0001 0010 0011‬ + ZOOM 16650 ‭0100 0001 0000 1010‬ 10000 ‭0010 0111 0001 0000‬ and now, if we'd only keep relevant, last 8bits: (binary => 8b decimal unsigned) 0011 1001 => 57 0010 0011‬ => 35 0000 1010‬ => 10 0001 0000‬ => 16. So, first 8bits must have effect on another view setting... hard to guess... Anyway, this conversation may be continued in TDUF thread or new dedicated topic about Cameras.bin research.
  20. ... So anybody can link me to the tutorial I asked about? Unless they don't exist? I'd really appreciate...
  21. Each car in TDU has it's own individual physics. The game engine physics is the same, but each car has been tweaked individually. That file is called CarPhysicsData.db, and it is located inside the file DB.bnk, in your Database folder.
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  23. -------------------- Mercedes-Benz Brabus 900 Vehicle replaced: Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Converted by: Irina Raevskaya ( vk.com/tdu2mods ) Credits: GTA SA and other. -------------------- -------------------- Features: - HQ model - highpoly interior - raindrops on windows - working doors - working lights - working windows - dirt, paintable, stickerable - own rims -------------------- Download My mods : Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ] / TDU-WORLD.COM DONAT FOR THE AUTHOR OF THE CONVERT OF IRINA - PAYPAL : [email protected]
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