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  3. Hmm... So for some reasons now, I don't have any traffic cars showing up. Like at all. They're not invisible. Just not there. Tried the original 1.12 database in case I had fucked something up trying to get cars in, but no. They're not there as well. I do see other players. Well, when there are other online that is. Any idea why I don't see the traffic anymore?
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  5. I had some issues with TDU Platinum these days, yesterday I found out how to make an online account on TDU Platinum, because I found out that you need GameSpy account which nobody can make because they were shut down. I made an online game account but I could not connect to the servers. Today I started the game, and game managed to connect to server, there are players on the map, but however when I fast travel to any player there is a car that's not moving, and when I enter the map, and get back to game again the player's car is not there and when i get back to map again player is somewhere else, they are teleporting. I searched this entire site's comments and found no solutions besides one guide that says that I should open some ports on router and firewall which I don't know how to, I tried and it didn't work. I tried to open ports on router and disabling entire firewall and it solved nothing, it only got worse. Now there are no players in the game, but there are player icons on the map. Someone need to make exact tutorial on how to do this or to make some kind of patch for that. I don't know what else to do, I'm frustrated. Sorry for bad English and typing mistakes if there are any.
  6. Hi, The Burner of Rubber here. Since I'm new to this community (and enjoying what I'm experiencing, I would like to know how to install mods. With sound effects, such as the announcer at the start of races, what can I do to substitute another south with that?
  7. все они здесь https://vk.com/tdu2_carmods_by_stargt
  8. Доброе утро!) Когда будет готов сей мод и ссылка на него?
  9. У меня нет слов... Вы удивительный человек! БлагоДарствую за все моды! Низкий вам поклон за проделанную работу! БлагоДаря таким людям как вы, земля всё ещё вращается вокруг солнца! Крепкого вам здоровья в эти трудные времена, особенно у нас в Украине.
  10. Excellent, thanks for bringing back some of the insanity to this place.
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  12. Hi, is there any chances to request you make 3 cars to make my car collection in tdu completed? Sorry to disturb you, but i losing my hope to find people who could help me...

    1st - Ferrari Roma

    Ferrari Roma 2020 3D model | CGTrader

    2nd - Ferrari SF 90

    Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Ferrari.com

    3rd - Honda Civic Type R FK2

    Blue FK2 | Aidan Jones | Flickr

    1. StarGT


      Honda Civic Type R FK2 i can make bcacuase i have 3d model

  13. beautiful mod, how about this mod for tdu1 too XD
  14. I was very saddened as I just discovered this site and wanted to relive my favorite childhood video game, but it is April fools day! Got me good
  15. Thank you! Here is the same link to help people download it quicker as took me ages to find DL link so for people like me who need this link ASAP go here >> https://drive.google.com/open?id=12YSgZWjb9n3CcRA1EA7hjEGcZpqpmXh2 P.s work smart, work fast! P.ss If you want to learn how me and you aren't so different then feel free to drop me a PM. Got some exciting news coming up!
  16. Some of you might already know, that our site is operating at loss Some of the costs associated to running the site are: Server, Application license, Domain, SaaS fee, 3rd party plugin/module/theme, Human resources Just recently a loophole of the system has given me unexpected bill Me personally also need to spend lot of time maintain and develop the server and system Therefore I have made the uneasy decision of shutting down TDuck in 24 hours The domain will live and used for my project which transform into search engine that compete with Google In the meantime, feel free to come hang out in our discord server For those of you want to download the mods, message me I will ship you an USB containing the files Diablo / Eudemon 4/1/2020
  17. Max RPM-7800 Min RPM-1000 Speed-408 kmh Torque-1215nm @6500 HP-1000 @6800 Damping-0.00 Inertia-18 0-100-2.700 Turbos-2 V8 Mid Engine size-7298 Gear Ratios 1. 2.87 2, 1.77 3, 1.26 4, 1.000 5, 0.8300 6, 0.67 Final 3.24 Sequential - RWD - Shift Time 0.1000 Shift up 7300rpm Shift Down 6000rpm Carbon Ceramic Brakes 390 front 360 back Weight 1300kgs
  18. If anyone wants to compete in weekly challenges please join. More players = more fun https://www.facebook.com/groups/TDUPPGroup/
  19. I installed it without selling cars and its working fine now. I copied files and created new folder for platinum game. Now how about adding this spoilerto s7 with some carbon so everyone could see in next update?
  20. 2019 Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli for Test Drive Unlimited 2 Vehicle replaced: CCXR Donated by: Brian Balliu Converted by: StarGT Credits: CSR2 Donate via paypal.me/mitkop81 or You can donate me Z425698447381 - WMZ R700950406892 - WMR E188904142384 - WME 5168 7427 2944 1877 - PrivatBank https://sharemods.com/7dmk56z9lwem/2019_Mazzanti_Evantra_Millecavalli_TDU2_by_StarGT.rar https://vk.com/tdu2_carmods_by_stargt
  21. I would say make a new profile for TDU Platinum and keep your current one for vanilla. Also it would be easier to just backup the vanilla install and revert back if you need to later.
  22. If someone could help me converting this profile im giving link to the profile here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Fl9vHX69_0Sxe1sY22H0IQwiujn3rqeC?usp=sharing pls help :((
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