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  2. I don't think so. Download all 3 files first, then extract only .zip file, it will handle all parts automatically.
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    Fantastic work. I appreciate your effort! Thank you. The island looks awesome and it's fun to drift there!
  4. TDU Platinum Update Patch v1.12.z01 is corrupted i cant extract this file.
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  6. Please wait a while,,,, I'll write later. -- edit -- At the moment, you can only select the combinations described in the DB. If you want to apply a rim mod, you will need to replace that particular combination of rims. How to change the rim size: 1. Open the "Tires/Rims" tab, 2. Select the code for your desired rim size in the "Tire/Rim Combination Code List".(by double clicking). If the combination containing the rim of the desired size is not in the list, you can add it by. - Click the Open DB Viewer button to open TireDBViewer and - Find suitable set and double-click to select it. The code set by the above operation will be added to the "Tire/Rim Combination Code List". On TireDBViewer, if the vehicle ID number is set to negative, it meaned will be not used for any vehicle yet. So, selecting a set of them will avoid any impact on other vehicles.
    Nice mod, it gives a modern and nice touch to the game, i was a little bit sick of the default cars
  7. BEight submitted a file in Environment View File  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Coconut island Foreword: If you see players mysteriously fly to a blank island during a cruise, chances are they have this mod. WARNING: DO NOT Use these new roads if you have a penalty meter: Car delivery missions will fail if you use these new roads! I know its tempting to use this as a shortcut, but stick to original tdu roads for now. Summery: This mod replaces an empty island off the coast on the east side of Oahu. This mod adds a new racetrack(Not based in RL) Complete with rumble strips, starting-line, Pole position. This map is a bit smaller than Surfer's island but much more detailed, and more convenient as you can drive there via two bridges. Known Issues Shadows, Yep... they still flicker like crazy, one day ill crack this problem Landscape messed up: very occasionally the landscape messes up, spilling onto the road, Remapping (Going to map mode spawn somewhere else then spawning back again)fixes the problem TDU road ruined: Unfortunately a tiny tiny part of TDU road had to be replaced to make the new bridge work. The area before was really nothing special, you wont miss anything. Map Half missing: The map is a little bugged when you look at from map view, but its fine. Installation: Warning: this will replace your world-map(The map in Map-mode), If you don't want to replace the world map remove Hawaii.bnk from the .RAR Extract files over Test Drive Unlimited directory files. It should replace 8-5.bnk, 8-5-1-2.bnk, 8-5-1-3.bnk 8-5-2-2.bnk, 8-5-3-1.bnk And that's that! Credits A massive thank you to the beta-team: Listed alphabetically BetaTGC, Mannard, NikTSG321, SiRiuS, tduiceman XtremeMan,
  9. Just replace tdu platinum's Custom Cars such Custom Car 1(file name is Custom_1.bnk). You might need any tool (tduf, tduut, tdu mt, notepad+, etc) to replace some unused car slot when you see at TDUF, then you can change their name with TDUF(TDUf its a OP tool). Also you can see for this case with this : Greeting
  10. Last week
    The Real Paradise of Test Drive Unlimited ! I've enjoyed it as time killer by this patch for 1 year after Platinum's release.
  11.  http://youtu.be/lYRCUBGaNhk Link for the Nacon Connect Event Trailer. 0:02 on the video, put the video to 0.25 speed. The first glimpse of the new Test Drive game seen on Nacon Connect Event Trailer. On here we see what looks like Koenigsegg Regera on left, guy in suit standing next to Regera and woman getting out from a car I can't recognize. This can't be nothing else than new Test Drive Unlimited game or Test Drive : Solar Crown. Nacon Connect is next Tuesday at 7pm CEST time, so expect some Test Drive there. It's definitely happening!
  12. Hi guys. I've been playing this mod for a month now and I love it; great work!!!!! I've got a problem: when I try to start the race "Mountain Peak Ride", it crashes, no matter which car I use. PLEASE HELP!!!
  13. hi!! how can i make the rims bigger with VPE?? pls help, theres a big gap between the rims and the tyres
  14. No worries, btw I'm sure @Milli will upgrade TDUF in next Platinum update!
  15. My bad man, i just realized that the version i'm using is 1.12 from platinum, i got frustrated and did not pay attention. Sorry for being careless, and thanks for replying.
  16. okay, im reinstalling the game cause my game was the 0.96 or something like that, hopefully the one that im downloading now is the correct one, thanks for the quick answer , im new on this xd one quick question, how can i make rims bigger?? the rim size doesnt change, only tyres do
  17. The "db_data.cpr" file must also be a v034 file. The file version of "db_data.cpr" can be distinguished by the file size. For v034, the size should be 1192kb.
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