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Smooth Roads Project 2

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About This File

This mod changes the surface of some of the roads to a much smoother ride experience.


Shadows: Car shadows doesn't work on these new roads. They flicker like crazy: I believe this is due to the fact that the road mesh isn't aligned with the R.shk. However if you drive in 1st person view  your fine.

Also, if your a photographer there are ways to make the shadow look normal, you just need to hit pause at the right moment.


Extract to your TDU1 directory (same location of Euro file) Let it overwrite Area -2-4 contents.



BetaTGC69: Beta testing and finding potholes.

if you have any trouble with this, please ask.


User Feedback



· Edited by Thunderlizard

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EDIT: The quickest fix has come! Thank you. Leaving the issue message on so people can see this project is still looked after and the dev fixed the issue quickly.


Works great, I'm not jumping lane to lane on my favourite road anymore. But if you are still working on the project, I want to report a bug that I've encountered. 

"Kawailoa bug point smtrd"   1 26484.87 359.22 15280.05 0.908 -0.002 -0.419  427894379

On this point, where you step on the shadowy line (direction is to the east) car crashes into "something" sometimes. Especially when you are passing it fast.

Thank you for your work!


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· Edited by drakna73

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I don't want to write a negative review because it clearly says beta and I feel it has a long way to go. With that said, I do not recommend this mod in any way if you are not ok with the flickering (I was aware and ok with it) and it entirely breaking some missions. In the pat 8 mile hitchhiker mission driving on a modded road treats it like an offroad path. This completely breaks the mission and fails it 100 percent of the time because the passenger anger builds up. It's a good mod for free roam but now my campaign is broken and I don't know how to revert to stock without completely reinstalling the game as I don't have the original road files. 

Update: I reinstalled the game and all of the same mods without the smooth roads mod. I can confirm that this mod was breaking the mission and removing it fixed it. 

Response from the author:

Sorry to hear about that. I guess your passenger was a bit too snobby lol.
I'm working on a new version of those roads. Shadows have been improved a lot, but it's not perfect. I'll be sure to play those missions to make sure the driving meter doesn't fluctuate.

Again, sorry for the trouble.

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· Edited by Dr_Whip

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Thanks! I really hated taking flight when going at +300km/h

There's something I found, the game kept crashing whenever I was around the Pali area, don't know exactly what caused it.

I reinstalled the game and I'm reinstalling the mod as well but this time I won't add the files that change that road to see if it's fixed.

I'll keep you posted yo



It worked when I skipped the Pali area files, so I went to check the other roads and it crashed, so the mod is a no-go for me.

Response from the author:

Hey🙂, Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Is this a vanilla game you are playing? I know the magic bnk system works differently on modded versions. Idk much about it. Project Paradise has a "big bnk" feature and Platinum has the game files tweaked to allow more than 100 or so cars.  

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This is what I wanted in a game, semi-perfect roads, a pleasent drive experience, now my car doesn´t fly every bump. I wish this was in all the roads

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You should know, that your achievementes on these roads will be deleted after overwrite the roads and you need to drive there again. I didnt find out, if the cups are gone also

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Works nicely, but i just found a road error, i totally on the road but there is extremely small point where the game thinks i'm off road.


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Это не реально крутая работа, я вернулся в игру спустя 6 лет как только появился новый компьютер, я очень рад что игрой до сих пор занимаются в таких масштабах, такой уровень модернизации игры выводит её на совершенно новый уровень 

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· Edited by firevsrain2001


what file am i supposed to download?

(edit: makes game way more enjoyable, thank you)

Response from the author:

Files are split because of file size limit. So you need to install all of them.

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This fix the car challenges bugs where the game makes you lost points in certain parts of the road (even you driving right in the middle of the road)?

Response from the author:

Can't be too sure. I've driven it with the driving meter on, and it seems solid. Remember its not just the ground you need to worry about. Debris fallen from traffic cars can ruin your perfect score.

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Incredible. Smooth roads are what I've been wishing for ever since i started playing this game 12 years ago. Such a pleasure to ride on the smooth roads. I so, so hope this project will be extended

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