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About This File

Guide about ~everything in TDU (e.g. true vehicle-Performance, vehicle-manageability, vehicle-behavior (tending to oversteer or understeer), how+what is unlockable, Race/Event-Overview, Troubleshooting-hints e.g. HowTo run TDU1  in Win10 x64 etc.)

Table of Contents of Super-Guide for TDU1 v7.2 English + German version:

§1 Caption/Explanations to Overview Vehicles and their comments (e.g. Handling-Scheme etc.)
§2 Overview Vehicles (nominal data + comments + general data)   
 §2.1 Cars
 §2.2 Motorbikes
§3 Configuration and Conditions/Circumstances on which times and vehicle-behavior were determined
§4 Vehicles for which Stage 3 isn't the fastest on test-track OR where tuning-stages are fundamentally bugged
 §4.1Vehicles which aren't their fastest at Stage 3 and reasons why (if possible to determine)
 §4.2 Data for stage 3 for vehicles where stage 3 isn't the fastest stage on test-track, but tuning stages aren't bugged
§5 Various hints and explanations
 §5.1 reached time on test track vs. the real fastest vehicle
 §5.2 real acceleration vs. TDU-value
 §5.3 effect of driving-aids + steering wheel with pedals vs gamepad + general Troubleshooting-Hints
(e.g. playing TDU under Win10 x64)
 §5.4 Behavior of AI-Traffic
 §5.5 Bonus-vehicles, Shops and Races etc. which can only be unlocked by fulfillment of certain conditions
 §5.6 Points for game-progress – what earns how many points
 §5.7 Power to weight ratio according to TDU1
 §5.8 transmission-protocolls UDP vs. TCP (Differences important to know for e.g. Multiplayerbugs or suspicion of cheating)
 §5.9 Bugs regarding to looks of vehicle and driver
§6 Guides
  §6.1 Optimal start if car has mechanical/standard-gearbox and manual clutch activated
  §6.2 Optimal start if car has paddle-gearbox OR std-gearbox with activated automatic clutch
  §6.3 Optimal usage of road/track + slipstream/draft („smooth“ driving)
  §6.4 Motorbikes in general
  §6.5 Optimal cornering with motorbikes
  §6.6 shake off police resp. spare fine – Strategies for lowering the persecution-level etc.
§7 Track-Guides – Overview over all Tracks/Events according to class, game-progress-status (Amateur-Champion) and similar
 §7.1 Singleplayer-Tracks (time+race+speed); order within class by reward for gold
  §7.1.1 Tracks which are only limited by general vehicle-class (neither limited by vehicle, manufacturer nor vehicle-type)
  §7.1.2 Tracks which are completely unlimited (neither limited by vehicle NOR class) 
  §7.1.3 Tracks on which ONLY Cars can drive (class+manufacturer unlimited)
  §7.1.4 Tracks on which ONLY Motorbikes can drive (manufacturer unlimited)
  §7.1.5  Tracks on which ONLY manufacturer-specific Cars can drive (class unlimited)
  §7.1.6 Tracks on which ONLY manufacturer-specific Motorbikes can drive (class unlimited)
 §7.2 Multiplayer-Tracks (no gold, no Police; vehicle-restriction+damage+penalty+ranked according to Host-Setting and successful UDP-NetworkTransmission)
  §7.2.1 Race-type MP-Tracks (class/vehicle according to Host, per default all)
  §7.2.2 Speed-type MP-Tracks (class/vehicle according to Host, per default all)
 §7.2.3 Race-type Club-Tracks (class/vehicle according to Host, per default all)
 §7.2.4 Speed-type Club-Tracks (class/vehicle according to Host, per default all)
§8 Multiplayerbugs based on connection-quality (latency, nominal data-rate, speed of router/server) and general MP-Bugs
 §8.1 Condition/Circumstances under which bugs based on connection-quality were determined
 §8.2 Bugs which occur within a race (sorted by strenght = stage) and how often
 §8.3 Bugs which occour in game/race-lobby or in the moment a race startes
 §8.4 „Lobby-Bug“ (with solution)
 §8.5 Club vs. Club-races and player-rank „Ace“ (with solution)
§9 Connection-optimisation (port-forwarding → ports for router) + connection to modem/router + ports for local firewall
§10 Version-History/Changes of Super-Guide for TDU1
§11 Disclaimer / Copyright

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