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TDU World: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Multiplayer Mod V1.01

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About This File

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TDU World is finally here! On the 10th anniversary of Test Drive Unlimited 2, we are releasing the first version of our multiplayer mod.

In the future, we will expand on the features of our mod. But for now, the gamemode most valuable to players - freeroam - is fully working after extensive testing by our beta tester team.


How to install (V1.01):

Important!: TDU World no longer supports unpacked editions of Test Drive Unlimited 2! 

Unfortunately for now this does mean that players cannot use any mod packs or custom mods, however support for Unofficial Patch and the new TDU World Mod Pack are coming very soon! Stay tuned...

Step 1: Installing TDU2

  1. Perform a clean, standard install of Test Drive Unlimited 2 either from Steam or DVD/Digital Download

Step 2: Preparing TDU2

  1. Before you install TDU World, please run the game at least once to ensure that the game works and is registered correctly.
  2. Make sure you have a file named "key.txt" in the game directory. Without this, you will not be able to access TDU World!
    If the key.txt file does not exist in your directory, create the text file yourself and paste your CD key inside.
    Note: The CD Key is NOT the Steam Key! Steam will give you a separate CD Key!

Step 3: Installing TDU World

  1. Go to TDUWorld.com & register an account by clicking the orange "Sign Up" button and activating your account.
    You must use a legitimate E-mail address! Unactivated accounts are not allowed online.
  2. Once you've registered and activated your TDU World Account, go to "Downloads" then follow the TurboDuck link to download TDU World.
    (Alternatively, you can just hit the download button here)
  3. Run the installer.
  4. When the Installer asks you to select the folder, select the "Test Drive Unlimited 2"  folder your game is installed in.
  5. Optional: Tick the Shortcut box to put a cool TDU World Shortcut on your Desktop to easily play TDU World.
  6. The installer will then ask you if your game is up to date:
    If you know your game has DLC2 V034 installed, you can click "Yes" here
    If your game is a stock DVD or Steam installation, press "No" and the installer will download the latest Official Patches for the game!
    (Note: Russian Versions of the game are currently not supported by TDU World's Updater, sorry!)
  7. The Installer will then ask you if you wish to proceed installing TDU World. Press "Yes" to proceed.
  8. Once the installer is finished, remove any existing save files in "Documents\Eden Games\Test Drive Unlimited 2"
  9. Open the game and register a new account using your TDU World credentials.
    (Nickname = Profile Name, TDU World Account = TDU World Username, Password = TDU World Account Password)
  10. Congratulations, you can now play online! Have fun!


Current features

  • Player logins + Basic Online Functionality
  • Free roam, including:
    • Car functionality (i.e. lights, horn, windows, exhaust sounds)
    • Chat (including profanity filter)
    • Co-op driving (May have bugs)
    • Instant Challenges (PvP Races, working but occasionally glitches out)
    • Online police chases (Working but may glitch out)
    • Voice chatting
    • Vehicle Liveries (car colour, stickers, etc.)
  • Dealerships & other player rooms (excluding houses)
  • Both islands (Ibiza & O'ahu (Hawaii))
  • Report/Banning system (All User Offenses)
  • Traffic (AI)
  • GPS player count
  • Joining players via the Map
  • All single player content like races and the timed events still works as normal
  • DLC is currently unlocked for everyone!

Features coming soon:

  • Improved Lobbying (Free Roam Fixes)
  • Multiplayer Races/Matchmaking
  • Friends
  • Stats (both in game profiles and synced to TDU World Website)
  • Clubs
  • Official Race Center (With weekly challenges!)
  • Community Race Center
  • Casino
  • TDU World Mod Pack (Featuring a curation of the best vehicles, graphics mods, game fixes and much more!)

Known issues

  • There is extensive rain on Ibiza, and timing may not be appropriate for some Photo Shoots.
  • Clock does work, but can glitch from time to time
  • Cars on the map show up as "Car Not Downloaded"
  • Lobbying issues, you might not see anyone when the player count is low.
  • The map hotkey seems to be bound to a different key than M for some people.

This version does not include any mods yet! Those will be released later.



Project Managers

Server Developers

Website Developer


Special thanks to
Eden Games
TDU2 fans all over the world!


User Feedback


Launcher Stürzt immer nach 5 Sekunden ab. Win7 32Bit. Wenn ich aber schnell genug auf Start drücke, kann ich trotzdem spiele. Mein ACC wird auch als Online angezeigt aber sehe keine anderen Spieler. 
Woran kann es liegen dass der Launcher abstürzt? 

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· Edited by themaskedwander


This is a great fix for such a legend in the racing community. Well done to the team that pulled it off and made it easy to get the game up and running and some day back to its former glory!!

I have a few questions, can I run the Unpacked Tool on the TDU2 World game folder or do I have to redownload the game again?

I used to play on PS3 so is there any tools or that I can use to have a save that has the licenses unlocked at least or will I have to start scratch? 

Finally. If I can unpack the TDU2 World version, can I freely install mods like adding cars or new physics? (Even of this stops me being able to play online) 

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Do I think right, that mod is dead? Just buy license, spend money and time, connect to online, but there is no players or available any functions of online type...

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installed fresh 3 times now and just keeps error message must be started through steam any1 else had this problem


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hello. really sad to me.  the game is unplayible. when it starts its all okay, but if i go to map, the game crashes in black screen and even task manager cant shutdown the game. (it still is on on main screen). so to use pc normally , the only way is to restart pc, and after restart if i try again tdu world, the same problem comes again. :( any thoughs? P.S. sorry for bad english, not my first language.

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· Edited by Kini


Hi, i did everything exactly as stated in the guidelines.

Sadly I do not get the TDU World Login Screen ingame, whitch makes it impossible to login with the credentials from tdu world. 

I downloaded my original TDU2 files with steam and the german language. Might there be some problems there?

When starting, it still statens that i start the TDU World Lauchner v0.061R with TDU2 DLC2 v034


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hi all, i need precision please. i have a DVD from Atari with my key, this is not install for  steam, it work? or no.
If i again the words, in the installation explanations: Perform a clean install and 
Update DLC2 v034, Russian versions crash, Copy the key.txt, copy steam_api.dll

Sans titre.png

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· Edited by Andrew

   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

My game is loaded online only if the multiplayer mod is put on an packed game of version 034. If I put mod on unpacked game, it shows a crash. Dear developers, please let me know if the fact that I installed the multiplayer mod on a packaged game, and not on an unpacked game, can hinder me in the future ? 



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Fantastic, amazing! 

Now, I can back to play my favorite game. 

Does Any chance to make Casino Server on too? 

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· Edited by F12Berlinetta

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I installed this just a few days ago. I love this. Thank you!

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

Getting Win32/Wacapew.C!ml warning from this and an instant delete of files from this installation.

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· Edited by rendlt


Thanks so much for the mod, I have played this game a lot in 2011-12. However, I have issues with other players. I have green icon, that I am online, but no players are around. Its new save, with credentials from TDUWorld. Is there any NAT port which I should allow? My launcher is saying "Unchecked". Thanks for reply 🙂


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2 stars becouse its just stock tdu2.

Make it work with DLC, UP 0.4 and autopack 0-1,7 serentiy pack then will be great, now on thats mod i can connect and see players(cars not downloaded) on map, but others online things didint work and freezing game.

Response from the author:

DLC is unlocked, and Unofficial Patch & AutoPack work just fine.

We will release our own modpack soon, but that is not ready yet.

If you read the description you will see that only freeroam is implemented for now. The "Car Not Downloaded" is incorrect since the window to show player stats on the map is not implemented yet, so it shows incorrect information.


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I've already shared my thoughts early in but it works fantastic, been enjoying driving around with other players a bit too much 😄 The virus issue is also resolved, bit annoying, but I trust the fact that TDUW is not a virus.


Now, little niggle I ran into tonight. I got an old friend to try TDUW as well and we both got it running. However, when I tried adding him as a friend (fill out his name) it didn't work. I also couldn't find him in recent players or anything else. Is this a known issue and is there a fix/workaround? Driving around with others is fun and all but reviving some of the old memories with some old friends is obviously even better 😉

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review! 

Friends functionality does not work yet. For now it's only freeroam. Though it will be the first feature to be added!

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will this work with copy from steamunlocked? coz tdu 2 isnt available on steam in my area

Response from the author:

Pirated copies will not work. You can still buy keys on third party websites, like Amazon.

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

I had to fight Windows 10 to the death to allow this through its built in POS antivirus, but alas, it works, and I can finally play TDU2 online again.  It's been 8 years...

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