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TDU World: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Multiplayer Mod v1.0.2.5

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About This File

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Introducing the first Community Multiplayer Server for Test Drive Unlimited 2!


Current features

TDU World Mod Pack
Bug fixes including those from Unofficial Patch + new ones
A curation of the best vehicles with more coming in future updates
Language Updates to reflect Online Server Mod + Support for all official languages
 Optional Graphics Mods: GPS, Orthophoto/Seasons Packs

TDU World Online

Free Roam across Ibiza + Hawaii
Includes Instant Challenges, Online Police Chases, Vehicle Livery Syncing + In Game Chat (Text + Voice)

Public and Private Multiplayer Racing (including Matchmaking)
Internal Club Racing (Club Member Exclusive races/PVP events)

Friends (Search by player name and adding recent players)

Join/Invites for Free-Ride, and Indoor areas (Casino Excluded)

DLC Support emulates the experience of buying the DLC In Game using Tokens (Free)
Unlocks exclusive avatar clothing for some DLC vehicles

TDU2: Casino Online:
Slot Machines (All Types)
Roulette (All Types)
Time Attacks: Audi R8

Club Houses:
Create + Join Clubs

Leaderboards enabled for Single, Multiplayer and other special events.

Reporting Players In Game

Features coming soon

Official Race Center (With weekly challenges!)
Community Race Center (With anti-cheat and moderation)

Club VS Club events + full Club statistics/leaderboards

Casino: Sit + Go Poker, VIP Poker Tournaments


Known issues

Map may occasionally cause hard crashes.
This is an issue with new DirectX 12 GPUs and can be resolved by installing DGVoodoo via the Launcher.



How to install
You can find our Installation Guide on our Website


Important Notice

TDU World DOES NOT support unpacked/cracked/modified editions of Test Drive Unlimited 2!

We are aware there are no longer CD Keys for TDU2 at a reasonable price given the "abandonware" situation.
A clean copy of the original DVD installation can be found on Internet Archives here:


If you do not have a CD Key, or can't find a working one online, you can use 80_PA to "fake activate" TDU2.
The latest download can be found here, you need the 7Z release.

In order to use 80_PA, simply open TDU2, when asked for activation enter "1234-1234-1234-1234" then when prompted for invalid key, click offline activation.
Launch 80_PA.exe in the zip and paste the "Unlock Request Code" into 80_PA.
Click Generate Unlock Code. Copy/Paste the Unlock Code into the TDU Activation Window, then play as normal.

NO mods other than the ones provided via our Launcher are supported.
Let us know if you'd like to see a mod come to TDU World and we'll see about making it happen!



Project Managers

Mod Pack Developers

Server Developers
and formerly

Website Developers

and formerly

Special thanks to
Eden Games
TDU2 fans all over the world!

What's New in Version v1.0.2.5


TDU World v1.0.2.5
Patch Fix update deployed to all existing users

Improved Game Detection code for broken/incomplete installations of TDU2

Fixed a bug with UPNP/STUN Detection that caused a crash on unsupported routers/firewalls
Improved UPNP/STUN Result shown in Launcher and reported to game server to prevent false negatives causing Lobby Issues


User Feedback


can I install car sound mod like Aston Martin, Ferrari, Audi? because when I unpacked the game and install TDUworld the mod didn't work after installing the car sound mod. Is there anyway to install extra mod via manually overwrite file? 

Response from the author:

TDU World does not support unpacked game installations nor any modifications not approved by the team.
If you have a suggestion for a mod, you can let us know in our Discord and we will consider it if the community agrees it should happen.

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· Edited by MarMath


Je ne peux pas jouer en ligne, on me dit que mon compte n'existe pas, pourtant je n'ais pas fait d'erreur en rentrant mes informations TDU World car or ligne cela fonctionne bien.

Que dois-je faire ?

Response from the author:

Veuillez vous assurer que votre "Nom d'utilisateur TDU World" est utilisé dans l'écran de création de profil.
Cela doit correspondre à votre ancien nom Atari si vous essayez d'utiliser une ancienne sauvegarde.

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Nice mods ! Finally some nostalgia, but there is one little problem, why the download is so slow ? i can download at 2Gb/s but only get 115ko/s from the download site 😕

Response from the author:

Unfortunately server hosting isn't cheap for high bandwidth, as much as we'd love it to be fast for everyone.

As we move to the future, we may look into increasing bandwidth but for now it's sufficient for most.

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· Edited by Marudex


I was playing normally 4 days ago. There´s an update and now my game crash all the time. It says "TDUWORLD CRASH ERROR CODE 0" I tried everything possibile by searching the forums but i found no fix... it was great while it lasted

Sem título.png

Response from the author:

We're actively tracking any issues and working on resolutions, however we can only work on resolutions with enough data to prove that the problem is.

If you haven't already done so, please join our Discord and report issues in the Troubleshooting channel.

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Muchas gracias por este espectacular juego. La verdad nunca lo había jugado Online pero me encanta el juego.


Anuqué tengo un problema y es que entro, todo funciona bien, lo malo es que no he podido correr con mas personas de manera online porque la verdad no aparece nadie. Entro a la sesión y no hay nadie conectado. Entonces no he podido disfrutar de la experiencia.


Muchas gracias.

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After updating launcher, game not starting.

Response from the author:

We released another patch not long after this release to resolve this issue.

If you are still struggling, join our Discord and the team will help you get going!

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Merci pour vos efforts les gars ,grâce a vous la communauté peux profiter de jouer a TDU2 😉

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Done all the steps and now saying that the account i created is not found

Response from the author:

You must have a TDU World Account to play TDU World Online, the account must be activated with a valid e-mail address.

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so i realize that this mod wont work for non steam version (cracked) and they made it that way on purpose citing that its for "piracy" concern.

here is my issue with that

they say on there website "TDU World allows users to play as long as they can obtain a legitimate CD Key. TDU World does not support piracy, therefore any "Cracked" releases of the game or otherwise counterfeit editions are not supported and NO support will be provided!"

the problem with this is

1 all the keys you can find online is plus 100$ and the game has been delisted EVERYWHERE.

2 the actual cd roms you can buy for US region is also pushing 100$ around 70+

3 the cd rom versions of the game didnt come with steam. if theres a version out there plus show me cause i want to be wrong

all of this because of piracy.

i also dont condone piracy but to an extent. if a game is readily available brand new or is still be supported ie patches then yeah dont freaking pirate. but if a game is delisted and/or nowhere to be bought or the legitamate way is the burn a hole in your pocket. its free realestate

there claim is to essentially trying to keep this game alive but by not allowing users to play because they dont have it on steam. they are inadvertently keeping the game dead.

they could have just easily just say they don't support piracy and still allowed their mod to work without steam.

this is truly frustrating

Response from the author:


As of early 2023 we no longer require game key verification, as long as you activate per the guide in our release post, you can play online if you can't source a copy for yourself.

We hope this helps.

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after the installation i open tdu world and it asked me to put the serial code so i copied the one from key.txt in my game folder but it says activation failed the serial was not found in the database 

help please

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· Edited by mrtaufner


This may sound dumb but how do I know if my game is the unpacked version? Is the packed version meant to be the one from steam and the unpacked the DVD version?


PS: i bought a copy of this game from gamingdragons and they certainly did not provide me a steam key. They gave me access to a server where I can download the files from, and they indeed say that version does not work with this mod, but I noticed that AFTER i bought it, so I guess I'm fucked?

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 when i wanna start the game with the launcher, windows tell me the .exe is not working and the launcher closes. what can i do? i use the original dvd 

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Absolutely amazing mod!! 5/5 plus my seal of approval!! Three thing I would love to ask, just like this: In the mod pack, will there be re-winnable championships/ is there a current estimate on the amount of cars there could be on the full release of the mod pack?/ would there be championships for B2/B1/C2/C1 at some point?

Thanks so much!! You guys and the modding community all are legends!

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Thanks for the project an to make TDU 2 playable online again.


But the amount of game crashes, black screen while loading the map (it seems opening map while in inside view or front view is the problem, less issue while in behind view) is still too important.  Hope for improvement but 1y without news .....

Playing without other mods installed.


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It works but i encounter one problem. When i open the map ingame then the game crashes, for example the screen turns black and sound still goes on or i got the map view but it's not fully loaded and i'm stuck there with no map-icons or a cursor but sound is still there.

Does someone know a solution for this?


Thanks guys

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i cant launch the game i get the error, Test Drive Unlimited 2 has to be launched by Steam

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Awesome, cant wait for Casino's games to be playable. Thank you for your work!

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Launcher Stürzt immer nach 5 Sekunden ab. Win7 32Bit. Wenn ich aber schnell genug auf Start drücke, kann ich trotzdem spiele. Mein ACC wird auch als Online angezeigt aber sehe keine anderen Spieler. 
Woran kann es liegen dass der Launcher abstürzt? 

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· Edited by themaskedwander


This is a great fix for such a legend in the racing community. Well done to the team that pulled it off and made it easy to get the game up and running and some day back to its former glory!!

I have a few questions, can I run the Unpacked Tool on the TDU2 World game folder or do I have to redownload the game again?

I used to play on PS3 so is there any tools or that I can use to have a save that has the licenses unlocked at least or will I have to start scratch? 

Finally. If I can unpack the TDU2 World version, can I freely install mods like adding cars or new physics? (Even of this stops me being able to play online) 

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