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289 RACES ON MAP 1.0.2

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About This File

in this mod you can get all the races of tdu or tduplatinum by opening the map .i also added some usefull changes [optional] f.e. all the bots of platinum drive A or B class cars    all the events are races vs A class cars and i include a modded fxini that makes the editor [in game] to be full race editor so you can make the settings you like for the races

for faster bots take a look at forum 



a special thank to TDUFan777 for offering the relative file from tdubeta mod

Edited by tasos007007

What's New in Version 1.0.2


mission of honolulu removed bcs added by mistake and no working


User Feedback



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Super great mode that makes my offline experience perfect but i find wierd that all the races give you the same amount of money which is "20000" by any chance could you edit the money rewards??? i have a lot of money already but racing 195km for 20000 bucks don`t feel right 

TestDriveUnlimited 2022-04-20 12-44-14-89.jpg

Response from the author:

i ve set 1000000reward for makapu s beach race [RACE04.IGE] you can also make any change for any race via race editor [in game]


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· Edited by PaganiLover

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Had to rewrite this review, I do quite enjoy this however one thing I have noticed is that not all the races actually appear on the map, especially concerning those that are named The Road is Mine. I went through them in the editor and it seems they can only be accessed through there, which sucks because yeah they aren't found on the map. There are some races that  basically aren't completed. I think one is named Mission Honolulu, the name for it is just there, but there isn't a route for it and even if you create one it can't be accessed via map regardless which also sucks. 


Edit: understood regarding the Honolulu mission. Regarding the road is mine races, I did zoom out and still couldn't find all. One such example is the smf00021 race. That one cannot be found on the map. There are a few more but I can't remember them all.


Edit: okay I think I didn't explain what I meant clearly so my bad, when I say the race cannot be found I mean the icon isn't on the map, it's like the race doesn't exist apart from when you go into the editor. 

Response from the author:

the road is mine races are seen on the map [just zoom out] to see the red route that maybe is not near the spot icon they are the speed trap events the missions of honolulu are added by me by mistake i should remove them.thank you

maybe bcs they re speed traps they dont supposed to have red route ??


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hi i modded the fix.ini file and started raplacing the online ones into single player races but the problem is clothes dealerships went missing when i installed your mod and the city ferrari dealership cant be explored when i put a gps on it points me in the northen ocean i remodded the hawaispt.bnk to vanilla and i can found clothes dealership again and the ferrari one is explorable and one more thing any races that has a class on it crashes on the desktop when playing time trials are fine though

Response from the author:

it seems i need to fix these issues by modding the files let me apologize for that in the meanwhile if you just want to race all these races i think it s usefull and if you want go shopping just replace the vanilla files lol

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· Edited by IvanZR1994

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Hi, i don't know play the races, this races only online? 

Response from the author:

the extra races were basically for online racing but now you can play them offline vs bots

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Thank you, this mod is awesome and really enriches the offline experience! Could you please explain how to create new races and play them with bots (and if this is possible at all)? When I hit New in the editor and create a new race, it plays fine in Test Drive mode, but then I exit the editor and the new race is nowhere to be found, it doesn't appear in the map. In the editor, my new race appears as Mission Honolulu regardless of how I named it, and this race is empty. I really want to create the proper race with bots for the Ford Racetrack or the Oahu Raceway, but I cant. Thank you again and best regards!

Response from the author:

i think you can only replace the existed ones races .as you can see i have make all the speed traps and time trials to be races you can also notice that some races are almost same tracks with others so you can replace the dublicated races with your creations .to do arace on ford island you need to reach a specific level

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· Edited by Shelby


Hello, its great mod to be honest, but which file should i put for offline race? ive tried all files but its all online multiplayer

Edit: oh i found it which file to make it offline. Thankyou so much, very great mod!

Response from the author:

although the races are for online you can race offline vs bots

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