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[TDU 1] HD Realistic Graphics Mod + Textures (Low PC Compatible) 2.0.3

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About This File

What is new?

-Added HDR Support

-Modified Road Textures

-Modified Vegetation

-Rearranged Weather


Times of day:








Copy the files from FX folder to Euro/Bnk/FX;

Copy the .bnk files to Euro/Bnk/Level/Hawai;


Backup your files before replacing them. 



Copy/Edit the lines you want (fx.ini)

GRASSENABLED = FALSE (disables the grass and increases FPS)

SUNENABLED = FALSE (disables the sun)

SPAWNDISTANCES = 1 (disables traffic and increases FPS)



Edited by stoplookingmypic


User Feedback



· Edited by Avrelivs


It's much better than the original weather.

But there was one bug with one upside down cloud which annoyed me A LOT. I managed to find the culprit part of the map and flip it upside down. 

If anyone wants it, replace the appropriate file with your TDUMT editor.

Maybe I will work more on this clouds map to make it look even better, more variable -- but so far it feels great with fixed clouds.

EDIT: I uploaded a mod for this mod, that makes it look more natural, check it out. It's unbelievable how it's made of only 3 types of clouds yet it's different all the time

EDIT2: This mod is essential for TDU. Don't miss it.



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I installed it on Platinum, it looks great! Seems like cloudy weather is removed and it is endless sunny paradise in here 🙂 I like it. You say it's low pc compatible, but could you do a high end pc version, or tell what to adjust? I have quite powerfull pc, will be great to max out graphics. Thank you for your work 🙂

Response from the author:

if my PC was high-end i would definitely make a better version with high resolution textures and all of that, but my celeron dual core cant handle it xD

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· Edited by Absowarr

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Great mod, makes the environment much better and more detailed than the original. Just having a little problem that I can't zoom in or out on the map anymore, otherwise very good work.

It turns out that restoring the original FX and applying the new ones again solved the issue. 😄

Response from the author:

well... this doesnt make sense because i didnt change anything related to minimap or zooming the map... 

try changing the minimap zoom key (Z is default)

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