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TDUniverse : Test Drive Unlimited 2 Multiplayer Server 1.0.1

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About This File



Welcome to the TDUniverse! The definitive online mod for Test Drive Unlimited 2 is launching as open beta.

Bringing back all online functionality and improving on the original systems of TDU2, to create a more stable version of the servers than ever before.


What is TDUniverse?

TDUniverse is a project with the aim of restoring full online functionality to both Test Drive Unlimited 1 and 2.
The project embodies an online server that enables players to create their profiles and participate in the universe of Test Drive Unlimited.

Relive the classic days of TDU by getting behind the wheel of your favorite cars and cruising from the sunny boulevards of Ibiza to the endless highways of O'ahu.

We are launching in Open Beta status since our work on the servers is not complete yet. We are working on each feature until they are 100% how we want it to be before we release a full version of TDUniverse.

The players will be able to play just fine on our servers and are able to report any bugs they come across. We will then review/recreate this bug and see how we can fix it. This way we will be able to deliver a more and more stable experience every time.


TDUniverse installation.png

Installing TDU2 with TDUniverse:

  1. Install a fresh licensed copy of Test Drive Unlimited 2.
  2. Update your game to version DLC2 v034 by downloading this file and copying all files inside to your game directory.
  3. Launch the game to ensure its working correctly.
  4. Download & launch the TDUniverse Installer.
  5. Follow the instructions given to you by the installer.
  6. Launch the game!

Creating an online TDUniverse account:

  1. To play online, you will need to create & verify an account on TDUniverse.org
  2. After having created your TDUniverse account, start the game and create a new online profile.
  3. When at the creation screen, enter your TDUniverse account username and password instead of the TDU2 ones.
  4. You now have created an online profile, happy racing!*

* Note that online play only becomes available after the completing the tutorial (after obtaining the caravan).


TDUniverse functionality.png

Thanks to our Lobby Karma System, TDUniverse provides a very solid online freeroam experience. Thanks to this system, players who have succesfully hosted previous sessions get prioritized over people who failed to host lobbies. This makes it so people with a strict NAT connection can only join lobbies, while people with a open NAT can also host lobbies.

Online freeroam:

  • Player syncing
  • Stable lobbying
  • Chat + Voice chat
  • Co-op driving
  • Instant challenges (PvP)
  • Police chases


  • Online status (Indicator)
  • Inviting & accepting friends

Online races:

  • Pre-Race lobbies & Matchmaking
  • Public racing
  • Private racing
  • Ranked racing

TDU2 Clubs:

  • Create & join a club
  • Club Moderation
  • Recruiting
  • Club Leveling
  • Buying & using Club cars

Community Racing Center:

  • Create and upload your own racing tracks
  • Let others fight for the quickest time


TDUniverse follow us.png

Join our Discord to stay up to date with updates surrounding TDUniverse!

Also consider joining the TDUniverse Club on Turboduck!


User Feedback



   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Never seen lobbying this stable before. My home network is quite strict and hosting sessions is difficult because of that, so this is a great outcome!

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

first impression, awesome. have to unlock the road again though, but that's actually the best part from the tdu2 I know anyways, never raced online since only could drive automatic, and second problem, where do i find the time these days, guess buy an extra watch doesn't help

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