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News, Support & Feedback

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News, support & feedback regarding the turboduck community. Non-members can post here but only for support with their accounts.


  1. News

    News relating to the site or the forum will be posted here.
    Note: Only news which corresponds to the TDU Central community may be posted in here, anything else will be moved or deleted.
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  2. Site & Forum Support

    Are you experiencing any issues with turboduck? No activation email, trouble registering, maybe there was a database error or even a small amount of downtime? Post it here and we will do our best to sort it!
    Note: Guests can post in here but only for help with turboduck forum or website related issues.
  3. Give us your feedback

    A community is nothing without its members, so if you want to make a suggestion, ask us a question or just want to say how much you hate us, this is the place!
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