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REPORT: Alonso has secret four-year deal [UPDATED 4/01/09]

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REPORT: Alonso has secret four-year deal to join Ferrari F1

by John Neff on Dec 29th, 2008 at 8:32AM



F1 ace Fernando Alonso has reportedly signed a secret, four-year deal to drive for Ferrari starting in 2011. The Spanish driver first made waves in F1 while driving for Renault, during which time he became the the youngest ever Drivers' Champion and added a second title at the expense of F1 legend Michael Schumacher. After a disappointing though lucrative season in 2007 with McLaren, Alonso returned to Renault in 2008 and recently signed a two-year extension through 2010. Once that contract expires, the rumored secret four-year deal with Ferrari will begin. We're told that both Alonso and Ferrari have a number of out clauses in case things go awry, though the unconfirmed deal means that at least one of Ferraris current drivers, Kimi Raikkonen or Felipe Massa, won't be wearing red come 2011. In fact, Alonso could join the team even earlier if Raikkonen performs as poorly in 2009 as he did last year.


[source: Guardian.co.uk | Photo by Getty Images


Rumormill: Alonso could have switched to Ferrari immediately

by Jeremy Korzeniewski on Jan 3rd 2009 at 5:02PM


Fernando Alonso, who some believe is the best driver in F1, has seen his name in the news a lot these last few days. First, reports popped up that the Spanish racer has signed a (still unsubstantiated) secret deal that would put him in the seat of a Ferrari Formula 1 car beginning when his contract with Renault expires after the 2010 season. According to the latest set of rumors, Ferrari actually wanted Alonso to break his contract with Renault for the upcoming season, but the driver chose to honor his current deal out of loyalty. If true, Alonso would have taken Kimi Raikkonen's seat at Ferrari, racing alongside Felipe Massa. The starting grid for Formula 1 has always been a bit of a roundtable affair, and these most recent rumors would appear to keep the ongoing soap opera going for the next few years, at least.


[source: World Car Fans]

From Autoblog

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