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Tutorial: Importing / Creating Your Own Basic Car Mod For TDU

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I will start with a 370Z as a quick import as its easy seeing parts aren't all over the place, then ill replace the Skyline seeing the definitions are on the skyline which might be easier. :)


You can do this with any custom car model its not gonna change really.



For part definitions go here: http://forum.turboduck.net/showpost.php?p=146377&postcount=2


Tools you need:

[Trial or Full version of Zmodeler 2.2.1] (If trial you will have to download the Alfa_GT demo pack)


[Photoshop CS2 or something that can save .dds]


[Djey's TDU Modding Tools]



1: Extract all 'Common_cars' .2db files only don't convert into .dds


2. Extract all 'SKYGTR' 2db files


3. Load up zmodeler


4: Go into 'Options' then 'Settings' and click on services and then click on 'textures'


5: Click on 'Add' then select your extracted 'Common_car' .2db files and then after add the 'SKYGTR' files.


6. Then click 'Apply' and 'Ok'


7: Go to 'File' then 'Import' or find the icon which is quickest


8: Browse in our 'SKYGTR' then import the .3dg file


9. Ignore 'Cannot resolve string' in the 'Error Box' its not a error or problem that will affect the car in anyway.


10. You want to delete the following 3D parts inorder to get a nice clean import.





11. Go to 'File' then 'Merge'


12. Browse for your custom model (Mine is Nissan 370Z)


(You should have your model merged with TDU model, Now as this is a quick import on how to get a car into TDU we will just paint the whole car..)


13: Right click on separate parts then go to 'Properties'


14: Drop down 'mesh' then 'Polygons'


15: Then in 'Materials' click on it.


16: It will bring up a drop down list, now find 'PAINT' then click on 'Apply' then 'Ok'


(The part should be a White once 'PAINT' is applied)


17: Now double click on your custom car and rename it to 'BODY_HR'


18: Find the original 'BODY_HR' and right click 'Edit' then 'Delete'


19: Put your custom 'BODY_HR' into 'D_CAR'


20: Go to 'File' then 'Export' (Select where you wanna export it)


21: Load up 'Djeys modding tools'


22: Go to 'File browser'


23: Find 'SKYGTR'


24: 3 files exported out of Zmodeler


25: Replace the same, you will see the same file format .3dg, .2dm, 3DD


(Example: 370Z Tut.3dg, 370Z tut.2dm, 370Z tut.3DD)


When replacing you would wanna do 'Modify Size' just incase the car is more then the original file size!






See your first imported car.. :p


I'm not going to write up a full Tutorial how to get a fully working car etc as thats just too much typing etc.. Just learn from what you have just done.

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Tutorial: Importing a basic car into TDU!


As my job has been pushed back to Wednesday, ive got 3 days to explain modding for TDU.


(Example car for tutorial: Nissan Skyline GTR)



TDU Car part definitions:


-- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --



SKYGTR = Main Dummy


DCAR: (Holds all 3D Parts and wheels/Light FX)


BODY_LR = Low body for seeing the car at far distance


PLATE = Number plate


BODY_HR = (High Res body *Main Body*)


LGT_RL & LGT_RR = Rear left/Right brake light


LGT_FL & LGT_FR = Front left/Right headlight


Kit1 = Sometimes can be either bodykit or mesh items


[91]XHAUST_ = Exhaust muffler/Tip


EXH_FX0 = Exhaust smoke FX


BOTTOM = Underbody of the car


(This is the same for DOOR_R)


DOOR_L = Main door


INT_LR_L = Low poly interior door which shows when car is far away


WND_L1 = Side door window


WND_L2 = Is a dummy which makes the window wind down


RV_L = Just rear view mirror and side mirror (nothing really important)


[A3 AB]INT_HR = I believe this spawns the High poly door panel to show on the door



COCK_LR = Low poly interior shows only when far away or on multiplayer


STEER_LR = Steering wheel


[94]AND_LR_ & [9A]AND_LR_ = Dummy where the hands are put on the steering wheel


[9F]EAT_LR_ = Left seat


[8E]ACK_LR_ = Dummy where the head is put on the seat


[90 A8]RSEAT_ = Where the bum of the driver sits


[98]OOT_LR_ & [92]OOT_LR_ = Where the legs sit in the car


GEAR_LR = DUMMY where to shift


HBK_LR = Handbrake dummy where to pull the handbrake (Never made it into Final TDU so it don't work)


RADIO_LR = DUMMY for Where the hand changes the radio (Never made it into Final TDU so it don't work)


Not 100% sure what all these are some can be indicator glare, brake lights and reverse light glare, its not hard sometimes to find out which ones which.





FA_S_RR = Brake Light






FA_S_RL = Brake Light




FA_R_RL = Reverse light glare (You may have 2 if your car has to reverse lights.)



FA_L_FR = \


FA_L_FL = \


FA_L_FL2 =

These are the headlight glares..

FA_L_FR1 =


FA_L_FL1 = /


FA_L_FR2 = /



WIPER_L, WIPER_R, WIPER_B: Window wipers



(This is the same for the other Fork_RL, FR, FL etc)


FORK_RR: Main tyre DUMMY that places the tire


[A5 A6]IRRUP_: DUMMY but Not sure what it does (Sorry)


DISC_RR: Brake disk DUMMY


WLR_RR: Wheel/Tyre


D_RIM_RR: RIM Dummy (Spawns the rim i believe)


[96]_TIRE_R: Another tyre Dummy


BRAKE_RR: Main Brake Disk


STIR_RR: Brake Caliper






D_SHADOW = Dynamic shadow (Appears when sun is on a certain point on the car)


DS-CA_FL = Wheel shadow (Same goes for the rest of them)



D_SPLANE: Ground Shadow


Zmodeler definitions:


Dummy: Can't explain what it is but in short: Basically a green cube.

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body swapping would work, but thing is you need to level up the custom car to the car you wanna body swap to otherwise camera's will not work properly.


Plus you got to do the interior which is difficult, hence why i didn't post a Tut on that..

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alright, im a bit confused at the moment. i went on the Zmodeller website and downloaded the Zmodeller demo which included the Alfa GT files. im looking at these files now...the files are in 2db format, and are only textures. how can i use this demo to modify the body of the GT? :confused:

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hey thanks for the help, but if you have the time, i know that people would like to see an instruction video on youtube or something. but i really do appreciate the tut, thanks!

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If you get that while clicking on the Zmodeler.exe then its not a problem i can help you with. Cause ive never had that problem.


right well ive got Zmodller V1.07 now, and it refuses to open the Alfa_GT.z3d file. some of the time it says that the file is not z3d, and now when i click "open" for the Alfa file, nothing appears on Zmodeller.

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You need version 2.2 for it to work... :oook:


i see.....:cry:. Can anyone get me in touch with Oleg or any of the Zmodeller creators? i need to get this sorted.


This is the message that pops up when i try to click the Zmodeller2.exe.


! Cannot execute "C:\DOCUME~1\andre\LOCALS~1\Temp\Rar$EX00.407\ZModeler2.exe"


comes up in its own diagnostic window.

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Hmm... What computer specs you got? Cause if your computer is old.. It might not run cause models take up alot of memory in your computer sometimes etc etc. And that might be why zmodeler isn't running too.

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