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thunderhawk17382: Shelby GT500 "Eleanor" v2.1 available


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I've got some feedback for upcoming versions...


- Less gloss (or is just bright color?) to front grill and grill metal should be thinner. Like in this pic:



- Lump on the hood should be smoother and lower. This can be also found from pic above.

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@Danger Sponge: Thanks for your comment!


@all: i have a few problems at the moment

1. The fan on my 9800GT is broken .... so i must trade the hole card or swap the fan

2. I want to fix the interior (looks a little bit outside the car)

But i have export-problems .... if i can't get it exporting, i must ask for help in zmod-forum


so give me time .... enjoy this beta and the mods from other great modders




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I bet you love me by now!:cheeky: Firstly: The car is freaking amazing:thumbsup: and massive respect for making it and listening to suggestions, but I'd say it's 95% complete!:o;)

The only things that still bug me,cuz the rest is perfect:D are 2d grill(you said you'd do it in 3d right?),material around the windshield and windows needs to be chrome(not car color+stripes go over it which they shouldn't),missing little vents on the hood near the windshield(texture+bump kind),that ridge which goes along the center of the hood needs fixing and prolonging and most noticeable(even though you've improved it a bit:o)the hood scoop,it's still too rough and big so it looks kinda odd on a car(stands out)(actually the scoop on the original,but with covered front holes at an angle would be almost right I think:))...if you don't know how to make it exactly like the real counterpart(you said you were a begginer in 3d), maybe the veterans(tool or reaper(hello guys!:lol:) could help you just with that eh?:D

One more thing, there's something wrong with the right sidescirt,it's black or really dark and even sort of dissapears when you rotate camera around the right part of the car(weird)...left is ok...:confused:

Keep up the good work man!:thumbsup:

to Djey: No you can't, cuz then,the car looks all weird and the camera positions are bad...sadly...wish it was that easy....:sulk:

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first ... the new vents in front of the windshield ... created by FrankWienberg[GER] ... thanks again @ this point ;)



now i will show you a little compromise ..... the 3D grill created by Frank

it's a 3D part in chrome, but we have less rips ..... when "we" create more rips, it will look like a complete "chromewall"


so please tell us your thoughts and comment the grill




the hood is still in WIP-state again ;)




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Thunder when you still work on this car. I got a suggestion for you maybe. I think the car dashboard experinces would be greater if you would go ahead and color the insides of the window frames from car color to something black or aluminum (like other things in the dash), to see it alone in car color is a bit unusual for that car I think. otherwise very nice work so far.

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:DOMG man,every time I write in a new criticism:o about your model I kinda expect that you'd finally say "f off with your nagging already" or something, but you just come back again with all sorts of improvements...YOU ROCK!!!:bow::thumbsup::bow:

Ok,let's get back to our thing then!;):lol:

Regarding the number of ribs in the grill, I know what you're saying,the game isn't perfect(far from it),so if it looks worse with more ribs,let it be like this,although it's not authentic,it looks really nice....and much better than just the texture!:thumbsup:

The upper hood vents are looking good,everybody say THX to uncle Frank!:D

As usual,a little nag for the end. The spacing of ribs on the lower part of the grill(those behind the lights) looks uneven.:cool: And last one, the inner,upper lights have some sort of black casing or something sticking out of the body.;) That's all.:)

I wish you best of luck and lots of spare nerves,so you can perfect this great car! And thx again to Frank for all the help!:thumbsup:

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