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Lotus Esprit V8 pre-FL - visual & sound mod request

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Hi :D Would somebody modify Esprit V8 please? It would be great, if there will be possibility to drive "classic" Esprit V8-SE (V8 non-SE - is even better IMO, but it has also other spoiler, so it would be too much work I think...), I mean, sth like this:






IMO it looks much better than 2002 version, especially from rear ("classic" taillights). I'd be very grateful, if somebody will make a mod like this :)


About the interior - there's no need to change to the old one - the interior from TDU is available in Esprit V8-SE from 1998 or sth like that :) But, instead, it would be great to make those rims:


http://media.bigoo.ws/content/layout/motor/motor_98.jpg :)


And the last think - the sound mod. I've tried 2 mods for Esprit and... I must say, both aren't good. They aren't even partly similar to the real one. If somebody is willing to do such soundmod, I'll try to get some sound samples :)


I'm sorry for all the mistakes.


Thank you!

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