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Classics Cruise - 14th June

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Classics Cruise - 14th June


A cruise for classics in the G class. We will be cruising from one lighthouse to another, one side of the island to another.



Meeting point: Stadium (South of Island)

Destination: Oahu Raceway, we will have a bit of a thrash around there :p

Time: 4:00 BST \ GMT + 1



  • Car must be a G class.
  • Must stay on the right side of the road.
  • Must avoid crashing others or traffic cars
  • Follow the same route as the leader
  • Don't overtake unless your sure you can make it ;)



  • We wont be going as fast as possible, most of the time :P, so please watch for when we slow down or speed up!
  • I plan on taking a 5 minute or so break somewhere on the way, so please look out for me pulling over. Then there will be a long 'honk' on the horn. That's the signal :p



Signed up:

Mr Softie - kingscott95 - '69 Camaro Z28

Icy LP640 - iScion - '69 'Vette Hardtop

Shy Guy - Flame Wolf 82 - Dodge Challenger\Charger

BigWolfLTD - big wolf alex - Shelby Daytona

xxiispecialxx - xxiispecialxx - Ferrari 250 GTO

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Unfortunately XBL wanted to become all day at the time of the cruise and I was so close to but because of that I can't come so sorry, and also my room's AC is getting repaired so its like an oven. :crying:

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