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Porsche Carrera GT

J/T Tuning|Porsche CGT: Porsche Carrera GT Tuned(easy/light tuning+little Gemballa Style)[new Pics!]

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Porsche Carrera GT Tuned

Replaces: Farboud Supercharged GTS

Converted By: Porsche Carrera GT

Original Model From:

Exterior: NFS

Interior: Cesar (I have the permission!!!)

Textures: NFS, Cesar, Extra Detail by me

Tuning: by me

Camera Swap: Audi TT Quattrosport

WIP High Poly Interior Pictures:



WIP Exterior Tuning Pictures:

unbenannt4xdz6.jpg unbenannt5vijt.jpgunbenannt6c9ie.jpg

Ingame Pictures:

tdu-20090929-1810442rkc.jpg tdu-20090930-152936gqv9.jpg tdu-20090930-153029msbm.jpg tdu-20090930-153112loy8.jpg tdu-20090930-153156hruq.jpg tdu-20090930-153228htx7.jpg tdu-20090930-153321uod1.jpg



tdu-20090621-200841os4m.png tdu-20090621-111305plji.pngtdu-20090621-111341gx3t.pngtdu-20090621-111210eyrf.png

!!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod and read the included README file if there is one!!

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PG GT: Is this one gonna have a lo-poly body model, or is going to be a 4-wheel ghost until your 50 feet from it (Like the other CGT you made) ? I'd fix it for you if you hadn't locked the model.


This interior does look sweet tho. Good work.

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