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Fun is a understatement, handling is spot on and the engine is punchy when needed. :)

The ride is firm, and between that the the seating position makes long duel-carriage way trip's a tad annoying but no worse than the Cappuccino was. Also I'm a bit used to the Lexus for it. Drove 55 miles or so on the duel carriageway then turned off to take some back roads the rest of the way where it really shines. Haven't even used the 'sport button' yet.


Had to get the car in Dundee as it's the closest Abarth dealer to me, ex-demo car with the optional 17" wheels so got it stupidly cheap on finance. For that reason, not planning on doing much if anything to her. Got a sticker planned but that's it. All the tinkering will be left for the Lexus.

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Haven't posted here in a while, sup guys and gals!

Alright time to get this thing ready for 2016 season! Got myself the real lip and car is under the knife again. Rocker panel rust got removed (new panels got welded onto) and the whole body will be cleaned so there are no more dents. After that she will be completly repainted next week. New tires were mounted today so I can have it sitting lower again.













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My new car to be.




Can't wait to get my hands on it now. But it probably won't be for a couple of weeks until after my trackday. I'd love to take this one on the trackday but it's got new brakes and tyres so I don't want to track a car where the brakes and tyres haven't bedded in as that would be quite expensive to fix...


Why am I replacing my MG TF with another MG TF? This blue one is the VVC model so it's more powerful and gives me an extra 500RPM to play with. It has 304mm disks up front with AP Racing 4-pot calipers (over my current 240mm disks with single pot sliding calipers) to go with the extra power. Bigger and nicer looking alloys (brand new) and a brand new roof with glass rear screen. Leather seats that aren't collapsed like my current drivers seat is.


It's also had a lot of work done to it such as new front wishbones, track rod ends, anti-roll bar and bushes along with new stainless bolts for everything so working on it in the future will be a doddle. Sure, it has 20k more miles on it than my silver one but it looks like it's been well looked after and as long as I keep on top of maintenance I shouldn't have any issues. The K series engine has been known to do more than double this mileage with no major issues.


It's a much nice colour. My current one still puts a smile on my face almost every time I drive it, even after 2.5 years.


I could upgrade my current car to this standard but it would still be silver and would end up costing more.


To do list:

Front splitter. This does actually help keep the car stable at speed as the front end is very light

Adjustable Spax shocks/maybe lowering springs (depends on the clearance between the splitter and local speed bumps)

Modified seat base/springs to make it lower

Engine remap. More power, more torque, better sound and much better drivability. Was the best thing I did to my silver one.

Black tail lights

Might paint the exhaust and other chrome bits black too. Along with making calipers blue rather than red.

Maybe subtle black stripes. Seen them on quite a few TFs and they look quite nice if done properly.

Heated windscreen

Slimline subs for both seats so I can hear/feel the music over the engine on motorways

Daytime running LED sidelights. Don't want anyone pulling out in front of me!

May be tempted to get a spoiler on it from the trophy version of the F. Still not sure on this though

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Give's me an excuse to post this of 'Abba' then.



Only had her a month and already washed her myself twice...

Which is odd for me, so I'm guessing it's 'New Car Syndrome'. :lol: (Also the fact with it being small it's easy to wash, unlike the HMS LexBarge)

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