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some of you remembers me from glory TDU days,I still play it, of course...but 4 years ago,I became big 156 fan,still enjoying it 🙂      

Hi! It's been a while since I posted something on turboduck last time... anyway, that's my car. Some may say it's a finacial mistake, but for me it's fulfilled dream and every day motivator.  🙂   Even

Last Summer I got.... A "57 Morris Minor. Its a running resto, barrels a barrel of laughs and no matter where you go it gets smiles, waves and randoms coming up for a chat about it. 

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Test drove a fair few vehicles, but the Mercedes always felt the most special to be behind the wheel of even though the interior is a bit old now compared to an Audi A3 for example. That steering wheel just felt & looked the best.


Will be good to finally drive a car with apple carplay too.


Love the BMW 2 series on the outside but BMW interiors (other than the new 5/7 series) are just awful aesthetically.

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Probably going to change the boost controller first, internally it's pretty much the same as the high pressure turbo, the LPT just farts out its boost before it does anything interesting. That'll give me about 50 ponies, after that it'll be stiffening the suspension as it's an absolute boat. maybe after i'll lookl at changing the pipes because with a proper kit the red block sounds angry as hell.

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Nice one Destroyer! :D That sort of thing is right up my street!




A few weeks ago I spent a few days on the Isle of Skye, needed time away from it all and its the perfect place, just me, the Abarth and open(twisty) road.







Having been there many times as a child, it was great to actually drive there myself. :)

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carlos_69[/url] one question to you, how is it possible to keep pedals that clean and shiny? It's winter time right now (well in my country there is no snow or frost yet) but I still can not super clean them, there is always some sand or mud even after cleaning and it doens't feel son nice while touching it :/


They are dirty the pic just doesn't show. still have to clean them for the first time.. Perhaps you have some sand on the hinges of the pedal and that makes the pedal not that nice to touch. or try cleaning with a toothbrush and with some dish soap or try and blow the sand with compressed air.

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