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Eudemon.org is a public U.S.A based international Anime community (therefor you're forbidden by the laws of United States of America when using this site)

General Rules
-No Advertising: You may not post, message or upload any promotion (e.g linking to other sites), commercial product or service
-No Spamming: You may not post content that does not relate to the topic, or has worthless meaning, no double posting, no topic bumping, no flooding
-No Flaming: You may not insult or attack other member, no discrimination based on any kind of religion, race, sex, political beliefs
-No Illegal Activities: You may not post, message or upload any scam, hacking, virus/Trojan, or material obtained copyrighted content
-No Adult Content: You may not post, message or upload any non-child safe, sexual or nudity content
-No trespassing: You may not post, or upload content to improper category

To report copyright infringement / abuse / spam / hack etc ...
1)You may use the report button under each content
2)You may file a report using our support ticket
3)For report concerning certain moderator(and you don't want them to see it), you may send me a private message

Breaking Rules
Depending how many times you break the rule, or how hard you break it, the following penalties may apply
Post deletion, Warning, Temporary Muting, Temporary ban, Permanent ban

Download Section
Material copyrighted in the United States is prohibited!
Good places to check license states:
www.wikipedia.org, it's licensed if there is an U.S. flag right next to "licensed by"

Some good practices
-Always tag your post, it helps you and others (since tags will show up on popular tag cloud, search item, and similar tagged content)

-Enjoy your stay? promote for us (You may choose to earn cash or store credit from it)

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