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Penfold's Photo Thread (Updated 09/06/10)

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Basically I have lots of photos of cars from my trip to London I want to show you and i didn't want to clog up the whole of the "What you saw recently" thread with spots aswell as detail shots and general stuff :lol:


Yummy LP640



Invading Army of Lambos



Lambo Break Disk



Pile of Lambo Wheels



Brand New SV



Another SV



And another one with a flying friend








Wiesmann Interior



Wiesmann Badge







Standing Under a Veyron











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They are nice shots, however Photobucket is crucifying them to the point that some of them look like they are from a camera phone. You really need a new host.

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Hm, you can use Tinypic but you have limited control over your files, such as deleting them etc. That may change if you make an account, I wouldn't know as I've not made one.

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"M3 GAN" Assuming that's meant to read Megan, she's a pretty cool girl. Really liking the California, not liking the yellow M3 quite so much and it's on Hampshire plates so there's a high chance it originated just down the road from me at Scotthall... the shame.

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Lol, I quite liked the yellow M3. :p Anyway i'm off to find some more nice cars tomorrow. At goodwood this time as there's a track day on :). Hopefully i'll have some more nice photo, although the weather's meant to be terrible :sulk:

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*Does a Quagmire stlye 'Gittity' then faints*


Wow, really nice shots! And nice cars, thats one thing i like about London!:cool: Appert from theat for most showrooms you have to make a booking to get in, although i did buy somthin at the British Garage on Parklane...a Lotus Sport sports jumper!


Aberdeenshire does have nice cars, its just finding them!:eek: How i hate living in the ass end of no where!:( your lucky beeing in london!


Can't wait to see more pictures!

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There some pictures on the previous page, some in this post and about 6 more to come tomorrow. :thumbsup:. The guy span out in the SV which is why it's all muddy. He hit the tire wall and although it doesn't look like much damage, as it's a Lamborghini he said it was going to cost about £20,000 to fix.

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